Archived Projects


I played a neighbor in the upcoming season of My Crazy Birth Story, airing in Europe and Asia.  I was a featured extra in the Wiggle Parade episode of the College Humor Series, Downbeat and I appeared in the background of Lizzo’s music vid for Juice.  I played the litigant, Janie Lorge, on the “Forged Signature” episode of Justice For All with Judge Cristina Perez.

Commercial Projects

I had a principal part in a non-aired spec Pepsi commercial.  I was a principal in the Adobe Creative Cloud commercials, “Pitch the Monkey” and “Offices Stink” in Arizona.  Videos can be found under Knowledge Nuggets on YouTube.

Pitch the Monkey.  Starring Kita, the macaque, and me as Lisa, her assistant.

Offices Stink.  Starring me as Ash Touchem, the donut-obsessed employee.


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