I have loved the stage since I was a little girl and saw the Broadway tour of Cats.  I decided that I wanted to play Jenny-Any-Dots and I was not giving up on that.  I would become majorly involved with dance for 14 years until my Junior year of high school, when I mostly put away my dance shoes.  I declared myself a Theatre major and my mostly medical family were astounded.  Acting seemed to me and many other people to be an impossible career choice, but I had the drive and I wasn’t giving up.  Well, I have since then become a paid actress, lived in London, wrote a play that was part of a major festival, played a victim of demonic possession in a docudrama on Netflix, had a monkey as a co-star, acted in a world-premiere musical, and danced in a shower of Skittles.

Most recently, I booked a Court TV show, a Pepsi commercial, and a PSA.  I played the role of Stacy in the short film, “Business Casual” and I wrote the short film, Pick Me!, in which I also starred, that premiered at the Filmstock Film Festival in 2011. My other film credits include the voice of the Neighbor in the English language dub of the film Chameleon and the role of Donna in the docudrama, The Rite of Exorcism: Myths, Mystery, and Hope, with Veritas Pictures. I am also a writer who adapted my play, The Go-Girls, into a screenplay, which was a finalist in the 8×8 Screenwriting Contest hosted by 8 Sided Films. I am currently putting together a film production of the script starring myself.  I received a Post-Graduate Certificate in Acting from Drama Studio London and a BA in Theatre from Loyola Marymount University.


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