Hi all,

Well, I’m getting a bit more settled into the area.  I’m auditioning for A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Hermosa Beach Playhouse this coming Monday, almost certainly Mama Mia on April 18, and definitely Carousel at Downey Civic Light Opera on April 19.  I’ve been looking at the Equity Casting Call on the Equity site.  Anyone can look at the listings and if you’re brave, you can try to get seen at an Equity call.  Michael Shurtleff, the famous casting director and writer of the must-have actor book Audition, says that’s the best way to get seen.  All three shows are open calls, which means both Equity and non-Equity (me) get to audition, though one has a separate call for each group.

I also signed up with Actors Access and the affiliated site Showfax so I could get unlimited submissions.  Due to a tax shock and an expensive bill, I won’t be signing up with NowCasting for at least this week.  Well, no one has called me yet.  I’ll still sign up with the Actors Network because it’s such a vital necessity.

So I attended the pilot presentation of Revivals starring my friend Sokrates on Tuesday.  It was so funny.  I wish it could be a full-running series on TV.  It was written by and also stars Thesy Surface, who is on the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on F/X Network.  They’re both in the play Sacrifice which has its premiere on April 15 and its run in May.  The site is  I met a guy from Portland who is Equity.  He’s gotten some small things in the nine months that he’s been in LA.

Then on Wednesday I went to the IP Schmooze Fest.  I wore one of my best cocktail dresses and pink satin bow-trimmed wedges.  I thought I was going to a marble-hall kind of place but it was more of a basement, so I was way overdressed.  I’m really nervous when talking to people I don’t know so I just went for the people who looked friendliest.  I met Alexis, who is an actor and producer.  She has an online horror series called Be Nice.  The official website is  She told me about Alliance Rep, of which she is a member, and to check them out for producing The Go-Girls.  I exchanged business cards with some people.  I even met Reece Witherspoon’s manager.  Unfortunately, they had musical performers who made so much noise that it was extremely difficult to have a conversation with anyone.

I am now signed up with two temp agencies and have sent my “other” resume to two others for consideration.  I really need money, preferably from acting as that’s what I’ve been busting my tushy to do for the last six years.  So…anyone need an office assistant, personal assistant, actress to play part on a television series?

You may have noticed that my resume is once again pasted onto the resume page because the link to file function isn’t working right.  The actual document is properly aligned.

In the Land of Zorro

Hi all,

Well, here I am in LA…or rather Long Beach staying with some friends.  I’ll be looking for local housing, preferably in West LA where I went to school.  But anyway, it’s good to be here.  I hope to stay for a long time and be really successful.

So on the way, as I’ve said before, we stopped at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and saw Pride and Prejudice.  As always, the  play was fantastic.  I especially loved this production, as did my mom.  A lot of contemporary plays, while awesome, can be pretty violent with some major adult content.  But this one was fun, witty, and uplifting.  The costumes were great.  All the sisters had pretty dresses with lovely lace details and embroidery.  Often when they changed scenes, all that the actresses did was put on either a bonnet and coat for an outside scene, or gloves and a sash for the ball scenes.  The acting was natural and solid.  It’s often said that the audience has to feel they trust the people onstage.  And there was no doubt about that.  I hope that I can have this quality.  And Mr. Darcy was so hot that he was worth the price of admission all by himself.  I just submitted myself for an LA audition for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I hope I get to audition.

I have been working on submissions and networking this week.  I will sign up with some casting sites and then get on some auditions.  I dropped off headshots and resumes at the film schools of USC, UCLA, and my alma mater, LMU.  (A side note, USC is one of the schools that I applied to for an acting MFA and did not get into.)  Then I went through the list on the Actors Equity website for theatres with the Equity Membership Candidate program and looked for submission info for theatres I knew from the top of my head, and sent off headshots, resumes, and some cover letters.  Yes, the dreaded cover letter is still in use.  Not all theatres accept submissions; there is one that mostly uses agents.  I’m currently going through contact info for upcoming filmmakers included in the monthly Filmakers to Watch feature from FilmNewsBriefs, and have e-mailed one already.

And I’m attending the screening on Tuesday for the pilot of Revivals, which my friend Sokratres was in.  And the next day, I’m attending the IP Schmooze Fest sponsored by  I ‘ve been meaning to go to one of these events since I was in college.  It’s a meeting of producers, actors, directors, etc. involved in independent film.  I think it’s funny to note that in Portland, many of the films labeled independent were non-union and non-paying, and were called low budget.  But here they seem to be typically SAG low-budget agreement, as in a budget of $1 million and under.  I love independent film.

Well, I gotta go for now.  I have to save some news for later.