Squeezing This In

Hi all,

I intended to post a long while back but it didn’t happen.  I know I don’t need to explain that but it’s my way of starting a post.  So yes, I sent the official letter to fire my agent.  She never responded so there is no way I can know if she acknowledged it.  The whole time I had her as my agent was just like working on my own and I don’t think we had a common ground.  I can’t really explain that so take my word for it.

I just joined Stage 32, an online community of people involved in film.  I’ve already connected with a filmmaker working here in Phoenix about his upcoming film.  Laura Ann Tull sent me the invitation to join.  I sent her a message on the site thanking her and she sent me back a very kind note saying that my headshot looked like a blonde Sally Field.  I like Sally Field so I was very complimented.  Certain people have said I remind them of Rachel Dresch and you’ll remember that one agent I met with who thought I was middle-aged and wanted me to be Rachel Dresch.

I auditioned for PCPA Theatrefest in Tucson as that was the only location nearby that they were auditioning at.  That was last Sunday and I nailed the audition in spite of just having gotten a migraine.  I met with Eric Stein, their casting director, who remembered me from the last time I auditioned.  He was really impressed with my audition and said he was very glad I came to audition.  The last time I auditioned for them, it was an Equity Principal call so being non-union, I had to wait for them to squeeze me in.  This time I had an appointment and got to do a monologue and a song, which is the way that I prefer.  The migraine then kicked in after the audition and I was in a great deal of pain and severely ill.  I struggled home through the two-hour drive back.  I also have had non-stop allergies and sniffles.

I went to the Amazing Arizona Comic Con and I got up early to be on Fox 10 News representing the cosplay group I recently joined, The Arizona Avengers.  I have gotten a bit serious about making costumes and have once again recruited my mom to make me one.  I made up a costume on the fly from a black corset, leotard, boots, tights, gloves, bracelets, and a black wig.  I wanted a costume other than my Belladonna re-design to wear as I was at the convention for all three days.  I was supposed to be Tessa/Sage from the X-Men comics in her Hellfire Club outfit.  I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by a radio station out of Chicago.  Feel free to check out my costumes at Cosplay.com.  My profile name is emmymae.

So that’s everything I’ve done so far.  I don’t have any auditions scheduled at the moment but I am certain to soon.  I have submitted for a new agent but I haven’t heard anything.  I continue to study for the teaching certificate and substitute teach.  I wish I could be a working actress.