Heat Wave

Hi all,

I had to have one last post before the month ends.  There haven’t been this many posts for one month since February of 2010.

I haven’t heard yet about the educational video series.  The filming dates are most of  July and I will be visiting home next week so it’s a big conflict.  I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t be in the videos.  The launch went just fine and the Rebel Film Acting Competition is going to be on July 28.  There will be three rounds to determine the winners.  One of the competition judges is Faith Hibbs-Clark, the head of Good Faith Casting.  They cast roles for major films in Arizona and I have been making a concerted effort to get on their list.  Other industry people will be judging and in attendance.  I met another Anna, a fellow actress who has been more successful than me.  She goes between LA and here and she lived in New York.  We’re going to help each other out.  One of the rounds of the competition is Shakespeare monologues, which I’ll be helping her with as I have a lot of Shakespeare training.  Anna #2 was part of the company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which will not grant me an audition.  They are the premiere Shakespeare Festival on the West Coast and they love Broadway actors.  (That’s why I tried to move to New York in Fall of 2008, but after two days it was so awful that my mom took me right back home.  The move did not become official whatsoever.  I think New York is the worst city on earth so I suggest a better city, like San Francisco, to be the home of Broadway.)  I want to do my best in the competition so people will want to hire me.

The weather continues to heat up into the 110’s so I can hardly stand being outside.  I’m glad I’ll be getting a break from the heat when I visit home.  I’ve submitted to the SAG-franchised agencies again and one sent me the same automated “we have too many people” message, one I didn’t hear from yet again, one is not accepting new submissions until August, and one I just submitted to.  I’ve had it with not being able to get actual representation.  Pardon the complaining, the heat has made me crabby.

Good news, I have scheduled the first production meeting for Pick Me!.  I have a sound engineer, a director, another actress, and the guy who directed me in the Mensa Spoof Commercial, Stephen Kessen.  He’s playing the casting intern in the film.  We have some solid ideas as to where we are filming.  We meet this Saturday and things look good.

110 in the Shade

Hi all,

Well, it has really gotten hot here.  It was 110 yesterday and being a Pacific Northwest girl I’m not accustomed to such heat.  It doesn’t matter that it was 115 one day last September in LA because the summer temperature is not consistently in the hundreds over there.

I had an audition today for an instructional video series for people learning English.  The audition was with a teleprompter, which I have never worked with.  It was a really great experience.  The videos involve business people discussing real estate options.  I am going home in July, which might possibly conflict with the shooting dates for which they would need me.  I hope that I can still be part of the project if cast because it pays well.  And everyone from the production company was very nice and professional.

My audition for the three theatres went well and I hope to hear from one of the theatres I auditioned for soon.

I had an unfortunate encounter with an individual who is clearly not nice nor professionally well-behaved a few days back.  I submitted to an audition posting for the lead actress in a short film on one of the sites I check.  It sounded like a good idea but only offered $50 per day, which is pretty pathetic as pay goes.  I submitted and got a response back with the full script, the director/lead actor’s resume, and a still shot of him and a friend in a short film.  This alone is quite weird.  Then he said that since he was out of state, the actresses would need to make an audition video and post it on YouTube.  This is similar language to scam postings by sexual predators so that was an immediate red flag.  I don’t know if that was the intention or not but I have to be careful.  He was playing the husband and it sounded like his friend was playing the same role from the e-mail.  This role would have required me to be in bed with him and the friend and is not the type I would play in a legitimate film.  I had to refuse to audition for this production so I e-mailed him back saying that I had decided not to audition and that this character was not my type and that I will not do a video audition on YouTube.  That horrid young man e-mailed me back with an extremely rude, fractured, grammatically-incorrect response.  He said, “well good for you your loss…was going to use red…GOOD DAY TO YOU! Talent! aCTRESS YOU ARE NOT!”  This behavior is completely out of line and he should have expected that a smart actress would say no.

So, ladies out there, keep yourselves safe and use your best instincts.  If a posting makes you feel uncomfortable, then don’t submit to it.  Do not agree to doing nudity at an audition, go to auditions at private residences, or post audition videos on YouTube or anywhere without the instructing of an actual casting director.  And don’t let anyone convince you that you must work for free or stay non-union.

High to Low

Hi all,

Phoenix Comicon was so awesome!  I’ll deviate from my usual blog topic to tell you what I did that weekend.  I started off on Friday going to a panel on costume creation given by the costume designer of a theatre out in Peoria, AZ.  I had considered auditioning for them but they only offer a gas stipend and the neighborhood isn’t nice there.  And besides, it’s really far from me.  Anyhow, she had some good advice about fabric stores and sticking to a budget.  I have a major interest in cosplaying, which is going around in costume as a popular character, or an original character.  The practice started in Japan and then took the US by storm.  I also attended a panel that gave people the opportunity to voice an anime character in a scene.  There were so many people that they had us all take tickets and they picked them out of a bag.  I had to go home way before I could have ever been chosen.  I would love to voice an anime character.  There were a number of voice actors there like Vic Mignona, who voices Edward Elric in the English dub of Full Metal Alchemist.  He is also a gifted singer so I really should have gone to his panel but I didn’t make it.  Yuri Lowenthal, who voices Sasuke in the Naruto English dub, and a colleague of his have a book and extensive resources for people who want to be voice actors.  Their company follows me on Twitter. (:  I should get a copy of that book.

Stan Lee was also a guest, as were Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, and Kristin Bauer from True Blood.  I went to Stan Lee’s panel and it was awesome.  The ballroom where he was speaking was packed and there was a very long line to ask him questions.  His advice about longevity was that he only worries for five minutes each day.  I try to do that but I can’t.  And he doesn’t have a cameo in the new X-Men film.  I saw that movie and Thor, because that’s my dog’s name.  I am a major X-Men fan so I had to see X-Men: First Class though the variations from the actual comics drove me nuts.

I cosplayed a flowered halter-top dress on top of a white tiered skirt and I had a parasol.  I call that one Lady Aliana of the Oasis.  I went to a panel on Dr. Who and I posed the question if an American version of Dr. Who would work.  I got a loud, unanimous “No!” from the crowd.  I wish I could work in the UK so I could be on Dr. Who.  If they ever do an American version, I’d like to play the lead character.  You might think that is sacrilegious.  On Sunday, I dressed up as Belladonna Boudreaux, Gambit’s ex-wife from the X-Men comics.  I ran into a young lady on the light rail who had a friend dressed up as Gambit.  We found each other and another Gambit and took pictures.  I have a Cosplay.com account now and you can see the pictures there.  My profile name is Emmymae.  (It’s a long story.)  That was really fun and at the same time, I felt embarrassed running around like that.  As an actress, I shouldn’t feel that way but I wasn’t onstage so that’s why.  I participated in the cosplay fashion show with the other Gambit.

So I have an audition this weekend.  I hope it goes well.  I didn’t hear again about the film casting so I guess that means I didn’t get in.  I also know I didn’t get called back for the first shows of the season for two theatres.  I really need to get in a production at one of the Equity Theatres.  I have decided to participate in the Rebel Film Group’s Acting Competition.  I need all the help I can get.  And I’m going to submit to agencies again and of course bug the guy who is helping me with my film.  I need to get that film made.