Anna for the summer

Hi all,

I’m still doing the regular routine of self-tapes and writing my next podcast episode. One of the parts I got to audition for is a teacher with a gambling problem, which I think is a very funny part for me. I haven’t booked anything in a while and it’s driving me crazy. I opted out of auditioning for a production of Grease because it really isn’t the musical for me and it would have been in person, which I’m not ready for but should be. I’m taking a quick commercial class with the always awesome Chris Game and he noted that I’ve been working on focusing the energy. I’m seriously kicking tushy at the commercial self-tapes and that one audition for the crazy teacher was seriously awesome. But it’s always a matter of fitting into the vision. I revised the script for “Coffee Date” but I’m not sure when I’m going to produce it. I’m part of a short films group but haven’t been very involved with the group. I also missed out on the Westside Writers meetup in Santa Monica (and a day of work) due to a migraine. I hate when my body screws me over.

I don’t know if I will be able to visit home for the summer due to those insane rates for plane tickets. My gas tank is bad enough to fill up.


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