Anna for the summer

Hi all, I’m still doing the regular routine of self-tapes and writing my next podcast episode. One of the parts I got to audition for is a teacher with a gambling problem, which I think is a very funny part for me. I haven’t booked anything in a while and it’s driving me crazy. I […]

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Now with more Sag-Eligibility

Hi everyone, Did I ever take forever to get back to posting. Look back at my resumes, now look back at me, then back to my resumes. I did a thing or two and a miracle occurred! Your favorite quirky blonde is now SAG-eligible and getting an Equity card. How did that second thing occur? […]

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Shakespeare On The Bluff Online

Hi everyone, I was part of the first ever virtual Shakespeare festival, the third season of Shakespeare On The Bluff through LMU, my alma mater.  I was a theatre major and a Spanish minor.  I played the Widow in All’s Well That Ends Well and the Prologue/Epilogue in The Two Noble Kinsmen, both available below. […]

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10 Things About Me!

Hi everyone, In a fun change from the regular post, here are 10 things about me styled after those celebrity fun interviews in magazines. 1. I’m scared of the dark because I still think that monsters will come out. 2. I visited Budapest with my family two days after the Russians had left.  People were […]

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Not The Apocalypse

Hi everyone, I hope you’re alright as we go through this coronavirus pandemic together.  My day job is on hiatus as are all jobs that have more than 2 people in one building.  I submitted Super Break-Up to five film festivals and I already know it wasn’t selected for one.  I took advantage of festivals […]

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Why SAG-AFTRA Is So Awesome

Here is a wonderful response I received from SAG-AFTRA about my query about Non-Union performers being hired for Union projects: Hello Anna, Thank you for your email. We do not have restrictions on non-union performers auditioning for union projects but certain projects do prefer to only hire union performers. This is a personal preference for […]

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Rent: Still Going Strong

I caught the last show of the Rent 20th anniversary tour last weekend. Watching Larson’s musical today, where its setting, the East Village, Manhattan, is now a gentrified landscape of brunching, happy-hour going, twenty-somethings, it is impossible not to ask if the story of Rent is still relevant. via district theatre review: Rent 20th anniversary tour […]

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April Showers Bring…

Hi all, As you’ve probably noticed, that one producer is no longer on the project.  Sometimes you encounter people who want to make it their show and don’t have your best interests at heart.  Well, onward the Go-Girls go!  I have cast all the other roles.  Special thanks to Film Independent for the use of […]

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