Not The Apocalypse

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re alright as we go through this coronavirus pandemic together.  My day job is on hiatus as are all jobs that have more than 2 people in one building.  I submitted Super Break-Up to five film festivals and I already know it wasn’t selected for one.  I took advantage of festivals that have free submissions and allow myself to pay a fee for two.  I also submitted episode one of the La Famille mini-series to a script contest.  I’m really proud of what I have written so far; I just have to write the rest of it.  No more procrastination!

I signed up for the Relationship Ramp-Up class with Emily Grace and the program starts on April 7.  It’s all online and through Zoom, which many creatives are using for networking events and even staged readings these days.  You can check out the class at  Basically, it’s about making genuine industry connections that lead to work.  Oh, and it’s just for women.  I’m really excited to finally get myself in order to book the work I want.  There are only 11 hours left to sign up.

About those staged readings: I just joined a Facebook group for script presentations online called ISO(lated) Company: Virtual Readings of New Writings and the link is  I’m playing Roman Senator #2 in a reading of Coriolanus, a not-often performed Shakespeare tragedy, and I am excited!  I get to do the reading with someone I’ve wanted to work with for a while.

Alright, everyone, please wash your hands and stay inside as much as you can so we can send this virus packing!

P.S. I now have two SAG vouchers!  Here’s to #3 in the New Year!


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