Meet the Go-Girls

Hi all, Well, we had our preview last night and the sold-out audience loved it.  The stage at the Brody is pretty small considering it’s an improv club so I hope we don’t fall off on Thursday night.  I got lost on the way to the theatre so I’m glad I got there in time.  … More Meet the Go-Girls

Getting Warmer

Hi all, We are having our first rehearsal with the whole cast this Saturday.  But last night, Jorge (playing Brian), Samantha (playing Carlie), Micki, and I met to rehearse our preview.  It’s going to be campy and fun with plenty of silly girl fighting.  That will be part of the Pulp Sampler and I think … More Getting Warmer

We Have a Cast!

Hi all, We have our cast finalized for The Go-Girls.  So here is our cast: Amelia Beckett: Anna Sahlstrom (me!) Joanna: Eve Bernfeld Mariana: Clara Hillier Olga: Rebecca Frost Mayer Carly: Samantha Luhn Brian: Jorge Madrid Pyrotechnic Girls/Bad Girls: Ashly Will and Carey Ruhl  I’ll be meeting with my director soon to discuss some final … More We Have a Cast!