It’s a Wonderful Night

Hi all, I wanted to start out by noting that I just got the most site views I’ve ever gotten.  I think more people are reading the blog. Well, the reading went great.  It was the first time the whole cast had done the entire reading in the space, and other than some chair confusion […]

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Meet the Go-Girls

Hi all, Well, we had our preview last night and the sold-out audience loved it.  The stage at the Brody is pretty small considering it’s an improv club so I hope we don’t fall off on Thursday night.  I got lost on the way to the theatre so I’m glad I got there in time.  […]

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Getting Warmer

Hi all, We are having our first rehearsal with the whole cast this Saturday.  But last night, Jorge (playing Brian), Samantha (playing Carlie), Micki, and I met to rehearse our preview.  It’s going to be campy and fun with plenty of silly girl fighting.  That will be part of the Pulp Sampler and I think […]

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Here Come the Go-Girls!

Hi all, The premiere date is almost here and we’re getting ready for our close-up.  Our rehearsal schedule is set and we’re meeting this Thursday for the first time.  I am so happy that we have a guy!  They seem to come at a premium these days. (:  I made translation cards for the parts […]

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We Have a Cast!

Hi all, We have our cast finalized for The Go-Girls.  So here is our cast: Amelia Beckett: Anna Sahlstrom (me!) Joanna: Eve Bernfeld Mariana: Clara Hillier Olga: Rebecca Frost Mayer Carly: Samantha Luhn Brian: Jorge Madrid Pyrotechnic Girls/Bad Girls: Ashly Will and Carey Ruhl  I’ll be meeting with my director soon to discuss some final […]

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