It’s a Wonderful Night

Hi all,

I wanted to start out by noting that I just got the most site views I’ve ever gotten.  I think more people are reading the blog.

Well, the reading went great.  It was the first time the whole cast had done the entire reading in the space, and other than some chair confusion and some minor bumps we rocked that little space.  The small audience thought it was pretty funny though I don’t recall anyone laughing so hard that beer came out of their nose.  Our tech people also added cool music for the fight scenes that I hadn’t heard before.  It was a fun, rough and ready, performance.  I really got into the camp nature of my writing and certain parts, such as my character’s death and resurrection scene at the end, got laughs that I hadn’t intended.  It is interesting to note what people will laugh at.  Our mistress of ceremonies, Phaedra, did an awesome lip-synch of I Will Survive in Spanish at the end and threw off her dress to reveal a Wonder Woman costume.  Now, how many other people have that at a staged reading?  Another reason Pulp Diction is so cool.  They’ll be back for another reading series next year.

My castmates were just awesome and really enthusiastic about the work throughout the entire process from casting to the performance.  And we didn’t have much time together to rehearse the reading.  But we certainly kicked butt!  And Micki was a great director to work with.  She’s also a screenwriter and producer and is currently working on a web series.

Special thanks to producer “Tall” Matt Haynes, Brian Allard, and the other people on the Pulp Stage crew.  And thanks to Trisha Mead, Director of Fertile Ground, and the managing staff of the festival for organizing this entire event.  It provides so many opportunities to new voices like me.

Due to tcchnical difficulties there will sadly be no video of the reading to share with you.  But it’s cool.  You’ll just have to come to the full production.  After I get myself to LA, I’ll be able to focus on finding a company to produce The Go-Girls or produce it myself.  I’ll have to see how it goes.  If anyone reading this is interested in producing The Go-Girls, I would like to hear from you.

On to the next project!

Meet the Go-Girls

Hi all,

Well, we had our preview last night and the sold-out audience loved it.  The stage at the Brody is pretty small considering it’s an improv club so I hope we don’t fall off on Thursday night.  I got lost on the way to the theatre so I’m glad I got there in time.  They especially loved the running gag of “…and Brian.”  I went home after our preview to get some dinner and go to bed.  I am so excited!

Before that, we had an in-depth rehearsal especially dealing with the fight scenes and other action-packed areas.  Yes, we are doing some major action scenes with our scripts in hand.  I’ll have to learn to balance a notebook while doing flying attacks and repelling walls of flame and lying on the floor.  I can’t wait to have a full production with special effects and choreographed fight scenes.  I hope the audience likes my play.  The small student audience in London were howling with laughter at the first reading, so I hope to get the same reaction.  It would be awesome if it’s so funny that the audience has beer coming out of their noses. (:

In other news, Memory Water was excellent.  It was at Shaking the Tree Studio, which is a very small space.  However, they used it well with movement and some spare props and scenery.  I loved that the River was like a Greek Chorus to the action and the driving force.  The woman playing the River had a strong and beautiful prescence.  The version of the La Llorona mythos in the play is the story of the Aztec woman Malinali (often called Malinche) and Hernan Cortez, the conquerer of Mexico.  I learned a bit about their relationship in my Spanish literature courses in college.  She was his lover and is considered a traitor to her people.  Jorge played Hernan Cortez and he did a great job.  There were only three actors in show, but they had the spirit and prescence of thirty people.  I like casts of more than 10 people, which is why Pravda is my favorite play. 

But anyhow, this is my debut week.  I hope to see you guys at my reading as that night hasn’t sold out yet.  I am overjoyed to see my name and bio on the show website and to have my name listed next to distinguised theatres and artists in the Fertile Ground catalogue.  I guess I’ve arrived in some respects and I’ve almost entirely lived in this area since birth.  I hope to achieve even greater things in the future.

Getting Warmer

Hi all,

We are having our first rehearsal with the whole cast this Saturday.  But last night, Jorge (playing Brian), Samantha (playing Carlie), Micki, and I met to rehearse our preview.  It’s going to be campy and fun with plenty of silly girl fighting.  That will be part of the Pulp Sampler and I think I might attend the rest of the evening as we will be doing the main show previews at the beginning.  The only challenge will be parking in Old Town Portland twice this coming week.

Jorge is also starring in the show Memory Water, also part of Fertile Ground, at Shaking the Tree Studio.  I will be attending the open dress rehearsal tonight.  The show is about the legend of La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman.

I’m so excited to have my play premiering and that it’s one of the three main attractions in the Pulp Diction series.  I hope it goes great and that a lot of people come.  Of course, it’s also part of an entire festival of new work.  If you’re in Portland or environs for these two weeks, come check out all that Fertile Ground has to offer.  Festival passes are now only $50 and most individual shows are $10-15 per ticket.  You can still get tickets for all events, especially Pulp Diction.

There is an article in the Portland Mercury online about Fertile Ground and Pulp Diction.  Here is the link:  There’s also a spread in this week’s A&E section in the Oregonian about Fertile Ground with information about highlighted events.

But whatever you choose to see, put The Go-Girls on the top of your list.  My play is guaranteed to make you fall out of your seat with laugher.  And it’s also starring me.  And of course, there’ll be plenty of beer.

Here Come the Go-Girls!

Hi all,

The premiere date is almost here and we’re getting ready for our close-up.  Our rehearsal schedule is set and we’re meeting this Thursday for the first time.  I am so happy that we have a guy!  They seem to come at a premium these days. (:  I made translation cards for the parts in Spanish and Portuguese.  We’re also going to have original music for our reading.

This Sunday is the preview as part of the Pulp Diction Pulp Sampler, which is going to be hilarious.  Micki, my director, wrote the preview.  So I hope you can all come to that.  And of course make sure you have your tickets for Thursday, Jan. 28 for the world-premiere reading.

In other news, I just attended the PATA auditions which happen twice a year.  I attended the monologue and the musical auditions.  It went well and they’re a good way to get local companies and casting directors to know your work.  They also offer a dance audition, but I didn’t participate in that one.  You have to be either a member of PATA, TPS (Theatre Puget Sound), or Equity to audition.

I’ll see you at the Brody!

We Have a Cast!

Hi all,

We have our cast finalized for The Go-Girls.  So here is our cast:

Amelia Beckett: Anna Sahlstrom (me!)

Joanna: Eve Bernfeld

Mariana: Clara Hillier

Olga: Rebecca Frost Mayer

Carly: Samantha Luhn

Brian: Jorge Madrid

Pyrotechnic Girls/Bad Girls: Ashly Will and Carey Ruhl

 I’ll be meeting with my director soon to discuss some final details before we start rehearsals.  This is going to be great!

I hope you’ve all bought your tickets.  I’ve been recruiting audience members. The Pulp Stage would love your support of our premiere reading series.  You can get a pass for the whole reading series for $35.  And check out the other shows premiering at Fertile Ground.

And one last note, if you’re reading my blog I would love for you to leave a comment.  I’d like to know what you think.  And please feel free to subscribe.  We actors have to stick together.