It’s a Wonderful Night

Hi all,

I wanted to start out by noting that I just got the most site views I’ve ever gotten.  I think more people are reading the blog.

Well, the reading went great.  It was the first time the whole cast had done the entire reading in the space, and other than some chair confusion and some minor bumps we rocked that little space.  The small audience thought it was pretty funny though I don’t recall anyone laughing so hard that beer came out of their nose.  Our tech people also added cool music for the fight scenes that I hadn’t heard before.  It was a fun, rough and ready, performance.  I really got into the camp nature of my writing and certain parts, such as my character’s death and resurrection scene at the end, got laughs that I hadn’t intended.  It is interesting to note what people will laugh at.  Our mistress of ceremonies, Phaedra, did an awesome lip-synch of I Will Survive in Spanish at the end and threw off her dress to reveal a Wonder Woman costume.  Now, how many other people have that at a staged reading?  Another reason Pulp Diction is so cool.  They’ll be back for another reading series next year.

My castmates were just awesome and really enthusiastic about the work throughout the entire process from casting to the performance.  And we didn’t have much time together to rehearse the reading.  But we certainly kicked butt!  And Micki was a great director to work with.  She’s also a screenwriter and producer and is currently working on a web series.

Special thanks to producer “Tall” Matt Haynes, Brian Allard, and the other people on the Pulp Stage crew.  And thanks to Trisha Mead, Director of Fertile Ground, and the managing staff of the festival for organizing this entire event.  It provides so many opportunities to new voices like me.

Due to tcchnical difficulties there will sadly be no video of the reading to share with you.  But it’s cool.  You’ll just have to come to the full production.  After I get myself to LA, I’ll be able to focus on finding a company to produce The Go-Girls or produce it myself.  I’ll have to see how it goes.  If anyone reading this is interested in producing The Go-Girls, I would like to hear from you.

On to the next project!


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