Meet the Go-Girls

Hi all,

Well, we had our preview last night and the sold-out audience loved it.  The stage at the Brody is pretty small considering it’s an improv club so I hope we don’t fall off on Thursday night.  I got lost on the way to the theatre so I’m glad I got there in time.  They especially loved the running gag of “…and Brian.”  I went home after our preview to get some dinner and go to bed.  I am so excited!

Before that, we had an in-depth rehearsal especially dealing with the fight scenes and other action-packed areas.  Yes, we are doing some major action scenes with our scripts in hand.  I’ll have to learn to balance a notebook while doing flying attacks and repelling walls of flame and lying on the floor.  I can’t wait to have a full production with special effects and choreographed fight scenes.  I hope the audience likes my play.  The small student audience in London were howling with laughter at the first reading, so I hope to get the same reaction.  It would be awesome if it’s so funny that the audience has beer coming out of their noses. (:

In other news, Memory Water was excellent.  It was at Shaking the Tree Studio, which is a very small space.  However, they used it well with movement and some spare props and scenery.  I loved that the River was like a Greek Chorus to the action and the driving force.  The woman playing the River had a strong and beautiful prescence.  The version of the La Llorona mythos in the play is the story of the Aztec woman Malinali (often called Malinche) and Hernan Cortez, the conquerer of Mexico.  I learned a bit about their relationship in my Spanish literature courses in college.  She was his lover and is considered a traitor to her people.  Jorge played Hernan Cortez and he did a great job.  There were only three actors in show, but they had the spirit and prescence of thirty people.  I like casts of more than 10 people, which is why Pravda is my favorite play. 

But anyhow, this is my debut week.  I hope to see you guys at my reading as that night hasn’t sold out yet.  I am overjoyed to see my name and bio on the show website and to have my name listed next to distinguised theatres and artists in the Fertile Ground catalogue.  I guess I’ve arrived in some respects and I’ve almost entirely lived in this area since birth.  I hope to achieve even greater things in the future.


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