I See You

Hi all,

Well, the shoot for the student short that I was auditioning for got postponed so I won’t be auditioning tomorrow.  And it was such a fun script.

Anyhow, I saw the phenomenon of Avatar.  I have never seen anything like this movie on the screen before.  The movie grabs you by the hand and immerses you in not just a story but an entire world.  It left me speechless.  I saw Avatar in 3-D so it was like being in the middle of Halo (the videogame).  Pandora is so lush and beautiful.  I especially loved that all the trees and moss glowed in the dark.  James Cameron has created such an incredible, immersive, fully-realized work of absolute beauty.  And his perseverance in bringing this story to the screen is inspirational.  He created a revolutionary new 3-D camera to make the film.

I am fascinated by the excellent acting often done against a green screen with movement sensors to things that would only be present in the final version of the film.  Oftentimes, us actors have to react to people and things that aren’t really there.  Special effects really fascinate me.  It’s one of the elements I love about film.  You can’t create a 3-D CGI world onstage.  I especially love the advanced effects of fantasy and sci-fi films that filmmakers are capable of these days.  As much as I love theatre, I would love to act in sci-fi films and series.

Avatar is one of the best experiences I have ever had at the movies.  And it’s one of the nominees for best picture.

Going for the Gold

Hi all,

I’m sorry for not posting for a while.  I’ve been putting together my plans for moving to LA.  The official moving date is March 22.  I will be driving down with my mom and we’re going to see Pride and Prejudice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  I’ve been going to the festival since I was 10 and I’ve always wanted to be in the festival.  Maybe one day I’ll get my chance.  They audition in New York and LA and for Southern Oregon locals.  I absolutely love the costumes, the sets, and the actors are the best.

I’m worried about getting a jobby job.  I will sign up with the offices affiliated with my temp agency in Oregon and another temp agency I heard about.  And I’ll be asking all the people I know in LA for advice.  I’ll be joining the Actors’ Network, which gives guidance, resources, and workshops to actors in the LA area.  Membership costs $200 per four months which considering the total cost of trade publication expenses, classes and workshops in LA is pretty great and having them all in one place as the Actors’ Network has is actually saving money.

So that’s enough of the practical stuff.  I’ve been watching the Olympics and it’s made me think about how much I want to go for the gold so to speak.  I want to make my dreams come true and I hope I can take the right steps to make that happen.  At least I’ve been paid to act and actually had a play starring myself in a major city-wide festival.  And I went to the same school Emily Watson attended.  It’s a start.

I have an audition on Saturday for a short musical student film about fingers on a hand that have lost contact with their body.  It sounds cool.  I’m wondering how they’re going to film it.

So anyhow, get out your rosaries and pray for my success.

Anna On Video

Hi all,

I would like to share some reviews from people who saw the Pulp Diction series.  There was a great deal of praise and the series was an artistic success.  Here they are:

“The writing and the acting was outrageous. Keep it up over there, with the play and with Pulp Stages.”

-Nicole Lane
Associate Director of Fertile Ground

“…a flawless company of actors, musicians, dancer…s, puppeteers and fellow playwrights did an astonishing job… these PULP STAGE people are professionals. They WILL entertain you.”

-Jason Squamata

In other news, the teaser trailer for Micki’s web series, F22, is now on YouTube.  Here is the link to that and the link address below if the one above doesn’t work.  Here is the description of the series from Micki herself:

“Nika, a photographer/videographer, has lead her life believing that her parents were killed in a car crash when she was a little girl. Then one day, she receives footage indicating that they were actually murdered. Thus begins years of being on the run, following a trail of evidence that will hopefully lead her to her parents killers. And possibly being pursued by the very people who did it…”

The series sounds awesome.  Please pass on the link to everyone you know.


And a third piece of news: I’m part of the promo video for Trueheart Productions, where I originated the role of Betta in Rejected No More, which is based on the story of Ruth.  They have a new production called Estranged Identity premiering later this Spring.  I will post the video link once it’s posted on the website, which is http://www.trueheartproductions.org/.  So you at last get to see me on video.

Just Dance

Hi all,

As a part of Fertile Ground, I wasn’t able to see as many of the other productions as I would have liked and I was also trying to save money.  But I did manage to see a reading of the play O’Flannery’s Pub by fellow Go-Girl Rebecca Frost Mayer.  The reading was at Theatre! Theatre! and it was excellent.  The story revolves around a family pub in Massachusetts.  Certain parts reminded me of Arthur Miller’s work.  I hope the play gets a full production soon.

I also got to see the show Change by Polaris Dance on Friday.  They are a contemporary dance company that also offer classes that are accessible to anyone of any physical level.  Having done mostly ballet for 14 years I am partial to ballet productions.  It was my first love and I regret never being able to get farther than I did.  Polaris is a neat company and they include aerial dance in their performances.  Contemporary (I call it Modern) dance isn’t my favorite style as it tends to involve some odd movement and strange music.  I like pointe shoes and tutus.

They had the band No Go Know as their musical guest.  I liked the fourth piece best, an almost jazz number.  A lot of the movement in the performance involved contact and lifts.  The third piece, performed with No Go Know, was pretty odd.  Everyone wore tank tops, black pants, and black socks.  They climbed a chain-link fence onstage and spun from the ceiling.  There was also a lot of stage violence that struck me as odd in a dance piece.

But anyhow, it’s always great to get out and see Portland’s performing arts scene.  Did you guys get to check out Fertile Ground?  Next year’s festival is sure to be even bigger and have plenty of excellent world premieres to offer.