No More Waiters by Bones Rodriguez

Hi all,

I don’t usually do book promotions on my site, but I read No More Waiters by Bones Rodriguez and I’d love to recommend it to you.  Basically, it’s a guide to actors about how to earn income without a day job so you have more time for your actual job of acting or any other art that is your real career.  You know by reading my blog that I have long struggled with finding flexible work and having enough money.  The solutions that Bones provides are all based around internet businesses and affiliate sales.  He also provides tips for how to run a lucrative side business if that is your style.  I personally like the affiliate sales program on ClickBank because they make it easy to get started.  One thing he does tell actors is that you have to put some time and effort into setting up an affiliate sales or side business.  However, it’s not terribly difficult and these sites will show you how.  For example, ClickBank has a library of articles and videos that tell you how to set up your account and how to get business.  You can also be a vendor on the site and sell books if you’re a writer.  That is just one avenue that he talks about.

I have long believed that you can’t do your best acting work if you have to juggle an 8-hr or more work day alongside acting.  Having the freedom and availability to do what you love is so crucial to being successful.

Please click on this link to buy the e-book:

Let me know what you think and how it works for you.  You get a great deal of bonuses for ordering.

Lightning Round

Hi all,

I give this blog this title in honor of monsoon season.  There was rain and lightning last night and that should be continuing this evening.

Phoenix Comicon was last weekend and I only attended for two of the days.  My parents were here and I had an audition for Southwest Shakespeare Company on Sunday.  I went as Dazzler and Tessa/Sage from the X-Men.  Recently, the Arizona Avengers released member profiles for people who cosplay lesser-known characters.  I was really excited to be included.  I don’t know how much I’ll be able to cosplay because of lack of time and budget.  There was a really funny panel in which people dressed up as characters from Axis Powers: Hetalia and had the nations answer questions.  I asked Canada how Quebec was doing.

I attended an interesting panel about the work and career of Hayao Miyazaki.  The latest Studio Ghibli film, When Marnie Was Here, opens today, June 5, in Phoenix and other select markets.  It’s already playing in New York and LA.  The film is being distributed by G Kids and they would love to have everyone see the film opening weekend.  I love the Studio Ghibli films and my favorite one is Howl’s Moving Castle.  Check out tickets and screenings at

One big part for me of Phoenix Comicon was attending the premiere of the top-ten films in the Phoenix Comicon Film Challenge, including the one I was in, Special Space Units.  The short film is now available on YouTube.  It was written, edited, directed, and filmed by Douglas Proce.  His company is Connected Films.  Here is the link:  And no, I don’t still have that malady you see in the film.  My friend, Tyler Woida, also had a top-ten film and it was amazing!  He brilliantly used stop-motion animation and light effects.  He has a channel for his production company on YouTube and will probably be posting his film there soon.

I am finally putting together some definitive plans to produce, The Go-Girls.  My friend, Lee, and I met to talk about business plans and he actually has the Movie Magic program and generously made me shooting, actor scene, and location lists.  One of my film colleagues is willing to help me out with crowdfunding and distribution plans.  I got side-tracked these past two weeks.  Of course, they say you need a really good marketing video for crowdfunding.  I’ll be taking my inspiration from film colleague J.P. Frydrych’s Kickstarter campaign video for his short film, The Terminizer.  His company is Jump Ship Productions.  Here is the link to the Kickstarter page:

All these YouTube posts reminded me to share something: the commercial that I was in for the Adobe Creative Cloud through Burning Suns Films.  It’s officially called “Pitch The Monkey.”  Check out the other commercials on their Facebook page.  These guys are amazing and extremely professional.

And in the really great news section: I meet with a filmmaker tomorrow to discuss playing the lead role in his SAG-AFTRA film short.  This makes me feel like a celebrity!  The film sounds really good and I really appreciate when people make union contract films and pay people.

No other casting or audition news other than that.