Hi all, Well, it looks like I’ll still be going to Arizona.  I have a job interview for an upscale clothing store, so I’ll have to see how that goes.  With each job offer (the few that have been) I have to think about if it will pay my bills.  You can’t go about your […]

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A Warmer Climate

Hi all, I’ve had to recently consider a very difficult decision.  I haven’t been able to get full-time work or enough work to pay the bills.  I will have enough to pay for this month after I work my special event and trade show assignments.  So it was either go home or go live in […]

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Summer in October

Hi all, Well, here comes October and I only had one post for September.  Oh darn.  There was a major heat wave from last Saturday through yesterday.  I have no air-conditioning so I had to escape to air-conditioned places. Well, I auditioned for the PCPA Summer Season which was an Equity Principal call.  The audition […]

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