Hi all,

Well, it looks like I’ll still be going to Arizona.  I have a job interview for an upscale clothing store, so I’ll have to see how that goes.  With each job offer (the few that have been) I have to think about if it will pay my bills.  You can’t go about your acting business very well if you have financial woes.  I made some substantial money working a trade show and two nights of a concert, but I still need a lot more.

I tried to do a drop-off at the American Film Institute which has a film school.  I found out that you cannot have a speaking role in the student films if you are not SAG, you can only be an extra.  This is due to an agreement with SAG, but I don’t understand why this is so as non-union people can get cast in SAG features with a Taft-Hartley.  That’s just plain limiting and silly for student films with no pay.  Why not a SAG Waiver contract so anyone can have a speaking role?  The definition of Union ought to be not working for free.  But I have seen SAG films with deferred and no pay and that is silly, and Equity 99-Seat contracts which allow you to make everyone essentially work for free.  I wouldn’t put together a serious project without a budget to pay, unless it’s a short film for the purpose of making a demo reel.

I auditioned for An American Tract two weeks ago and it went well.  I kept missing the parking garage near the building and they were filming along the street so I ended up late, which was embarrassing.  But all ended well.  I haven’t heard about callbacks or anything.

Since my lease is up Nov. 14 and my being here is up in the air, I haven’t been sure about doing drop-offs or submissions.  I have sent my postcards (aka odd-sized mailer, postcard in envelope) to my list of CD’s.  I have heard they prefer submissions and correspondence through reps only, but representation isn’t that easy to get.  And then I have heard that a number of them don’t mind at all.  I find no harm in respectful, professional correspondence and submissions and drop-offs.  I would never call their offices of course since I don’t think it’s a good idea.  However, some people say you can.

I never heard back from the one commercial agent and I visited her address to find her office wasn’t there.  I have no idea what’s going on.

My parents are coming to visit me on Thursday and stay until Sunday.  That will be good.  And if I move, as I believe I will, my mom is coming back down to help me move.

So yeah, up in the air is the word of the day.

A Warmer Climate

Hi all,

I’ve had to recently consider a very difficult decision.  I haven’t been able to get full-time work or enough work to pay the bills.  I will have enough to pay for this month after I work my special event and trade show assignments.  So it was either go home or go live in the parents’ condo in Scottsdale, Arizona.  So I plan to move there when my lease is up in November if an act of God doesn’t happen to keep me here.  I went on a group interview for a position at a Wellness Center, but I doubt I’ll even be considered.  I ran into a woman that I attended a group interview with back in August.  Wow, things really are bad in this country when a person with a lot more experience than me is still job searching.

My audition for The Next Fairy Tale at Celebration Theatre went pretty well.  It was fast and I flubbed the words on my song but kept it going.  Callbacks are supposed to be tonight but I haven’t heard yet if I got a call back.  Jami Rudofsky was there and she was very nice.  She thought my song was pretty.  I met a young lady there who was in the Broadway tour of Footloose.  That sounds wonderful and Broadway tours pay really well.  It makes me wish I had auditioned earlier for the productions that auditioned here.  I wanted to audition for Cal Shakes but the audition is next Monday when I have to work.  Not that I want to complain about that!

Well, something fortunate happened.  One of the concerts that I was assigned to work this Saturday was canceled, so now I can audition for the play An American Tract.  I hope it pays well.  They sent me sides to prepare and I will set to work on them.

I’ll have to pray my rosary more often.  Our Lady has been known to work miracles.

Oh, one final note, I will be setting up a website through where I can upload audio and video for only $24.99 per year.  Their basic profile is free.  And I need business cards while I’m at it.  Heaven help me.

Summer in October

Hi all,

Well, here comes October and I only had one post for September.  Oh darn.  There was a major heat wave from last Saturday through yesterday.  I have no air-conditioning so I had to escape to air-conditioned places.

Well, I auditioned for the PCPA Summer Season which was an Equity Principal call.  The audition was at UCLA and parking was expensive and it was so hot, I about passed out.  As I’ve explained before, or maybe not, at an Equity Principal call the Equity members get precedence to be seen followed by Equity Membership Candidates (EMC) and then Non-union people are seen when time permits.  It turns out they make Equity cards out of paper, not plastic, which is kinda funny as union memberships are pricey.  They could at least give them a card that holds up.

But anyway, I was seen eventually.  I had to wait from 9:10am until 2:15pm for an audition slot.  That’s typical, so if the call is on a week-day and you’re not Equity or EMC, you have to call in sick to work.  This was fortunately a Sunday, so it worked out fine.  I got to audition for Erik Stein, the casting director for the company and his assistant, Melissa.  He was so nice, very eager to see everyone there, and he loved my song, which was So Many People from Saturday Night.  I controlled my nerves well enough to really sing well, so I was very happy about that.  I felt that I put my best foot forward.

Next I’ll be auditioning for The Next Fairy Tale at Celebration Theatre.  I don’t have an appointment yet, but I submitted on Actors Access and called the theatre.  The artistic director told me the days and times of auditions, so it’s safe to go.  As is the case for many LA theatres, they are under an Equity 99-seat Contract, or Equity Waiver.  This means that you only get $5-10 a performance and no weekly salary or stipend beyond that.  I really need a gig that pays but if I work during the day, I should still have enough money.  But I have to state that only rarely will I consider an agreement like this.  The artistic director sounds nice, the theatre is well-regarded, and major casting director Jami Rudofsky is casting.

I don’t have any auditions set in stone beyond that for now.  I continue to work on the day job situation, network, send thank-you notes, do drop offs, etc.  I am working a concert for three days beginning Oct. 7 and then a trade show through Oct. 15.  I’m doing my best.