A Warmer Climate

Hi all,

I’ve had to recently consider a very difficult decision.  I haven’t been able to get full-time work or enough work to pay the bills.  I will have enough to pay for this month after I work my special event and trade show assignments.  So it was either go home or go live in the parents’ condo in Scottsdale, Arizona.  So I plan to move there when my lease is up in November if an act of God doesn’t happen to keep me here.  I went on a group interview for a position at a Wellness Center, but I doubt I’ll even be considered.  I ran into a woman that I attended a group interview with back in August.  Wow, things really are bad in this country when a person with a lot more experience than me is still job searching.

My audition for The Next Fairy Tale at Celebration Theatre went pretty well.  It was fast and I flubbed the words on my song but kept it going.  Callbacks are supposed to be tonight but I haven’t heard yet if I got a call back.  Jami Rudofsky was there and she was very nice.  She thought my song was pretty.  I met a young lady there who was in the Broadway tour of Footloose.  That sounds wonderful and Broadway tours pay really well.  It makes me wish I had auditioned earlier for the productions that auditioned here.  I wanted to audition for Cal Shakes but the audition is next Monday when I have to work.  Not that I want to complain about that!

Well, something fortunate happened.  One of the concerts that I was assigned to work this Saturday was canceled, so now I can audition for the play An American Tract.  I hope it pays well.  They sent me sides to prepare and I will set to work on them.

I’ll have to pray my rosary more often.  Our Lady has been known to work miracles.

Oh, one final note, I will be setting up a website through Actorplace.com where I can upload audio and video for only $24.99 per year.  Their basic profile is free.  And I need business cards while I’m at it.  Heaven help me.


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