Making It Work

Hi all, I had to get a post in before too late.  So, is anyone actually reading this?  I’m auditioning for a Christmas singing group in the area.  The special appointment with Goode Time Productions didn’t work out.  I’ll also be auditioning for a murder mystery theatre company.  Many years ago I tried to become […]

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It’s Official!

Hi all, Here is post number 2 for today.  After hoping and submitting for a good agent, I have been signed!  Deborah Maddox is now my agent.  Her agency is SAG-franchised and she has been in the industry for a long time.  My photographer, Jon Simpson, knows her and thinks she is terrific.  Most projects […]

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Anna On Film

Hi all, I wanted this post to make it before July ended.  Oh well.  I filmed my little movie this weekend at Collins College.  We filmed in the hallway outside a class room, but I hope it looks like a casting office, which is where it’s supposed to take place.  I was very excited to […]

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