August Rush

Hi all,

As usual I took longer than I thought to post something.  I had an extremely busy five days from last Friday through this Tuesday.  I got to see my parents and we all went to a wedding together in Irvine.  Then on Sunday I went to Comic Con in San Diego.  And I worked a convention for two days which was grueling.

Back to Comic Con.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a convention for fans of comics and has become grand central for movie and television series premieres.  I went for the comics but it was really crowded as I knew it would be and all the fun stuff had already happened.  I missed the Comic Con Masquerade with all the costumes and skits on Saturday.  As a theatre girl, I love that sort of thing.  So I got to see a DVD recap of the show.  I went in costume as Belladonna, ex-wife of Gambit of the X-Men.  Two people took my picture and some kids recognized me.  However, there wasn’t a great amount of people dressed up.  Angelina Jolie was there last Thursday so I missed her.

On the acting front, I haven’t gotten cast yet and haven’t had that many auditions.  I went on an audition for Beehive the musical presented by the Civic Light Opera of the South Bay back on July 17.  I actually got lost finding the theatre even though I’ve been there before and a nice lady and her niece, I think, gave me directions.  I did my usual stand-by song of So Many People from Saturday night, even though everyone else did 60’s pop tunes as that’s what the show is a revue of.  I auditioned with a woman who has been on Broadway twice.  They had instantaneous call-backs and no one in my group got one.  Next up, I’m auditioning for Happy Days (based on the TV show) the musical at Cabrillo Musical Theatre.  So I’ll tell you how that goes.

Much of the theatre here is no pay or have membership dues.  I didn’t come here to work for free.  I don’t know how anyone can here.  If they’re having as bad of luck as I have getting work, they just couldn’t.  I have an interview to be a Spanish tutor tomorrow.  I hope I’m what they’re looking for.

Last week, I got to meet Todd Sherry, an actor/casting assistant, at the Actors’ Network.  He was just awesome.  He had some great words of wisdom like bringing yourself to the audition, knowing your brand so to speak, and handling your business the way you see fit.  I always thought you had be someone else to act.  And he said that it’s impossible to know what they’re looking for because they don’t know themselves.

I’m working on getting that demo reel footage.  My filmmaker friend, Danny, and I are going to meet on Saturday to discuss filming my short film script Pick Me!  Hopefully, that will go well and I can use the footage.  I am also putting together a voice demo because the head of a production company that hires singers for events and a well-known Christmas carol group told me I must.  I sent my headshot and resume as they were having auditions.  But I found out that they only need altos for that group at the moment.  However, they will keep me on file for future needs and they’d like a voice demo ASAP.  I found the California College of Music where they only charge $55 for a voice demo as opposed to $150 or more elsewhere.

Support Your Local Anna

Hi all,

Here’s post number two for today.  Don’t pass out, it’s ok.  Do I ever have a problem.  That job that I thought I had never materialized.  I’m still searching for work and no acting gigs have come through.  I know after nearly four months, one can’t expect much but my bank balance is quickly draining.  So, people, call in the cavalry.  Anyone got any job prospects, or do I have to start a application on the blog?

I’ll be auditioning for the CLO of Southbay Cities production of Beehive: the Musical.  It’s an Equity production and I’ll be auditioning with a number from Smokey Joe’s Cafe.  The pay for Equity and Non-Equity is different though.  While I can’t sing Christina Aguilera tunes well, I can do 60’s pop very well.  It’s easier to sing and you don’t have to do any vocal funny stuff.

And I went to a premiere for the blog series, The Day Player.  It’s a great series but sadly they need more money to make more episodes.  I’d give them money if I could but I’m one poor girl.  Here is the link to the series:

At the premiere,  I met a veteran actress named Susyn and she is part of an actor’s group and I’m invited to join.  She’ll get me some more info.  Maybe they could save my life so to speak.  I continue to send my intro cards to casting directors.  And I’ve narrowed down that agent submission list.  Anyway, so much to do.  Pray for my success.

Angels Among Us

Hi all,

I received some very sad news on Monday that a dear friend of mine passed away from cancer.  Her name was Sono Sato Harris and she was the assistant director of Trueheart Productions.  I had the honor of working with her on Rejected No More and I loved getting to know such an incredible woman.  She was a consummate professional who helped us all achieve our best performance.  Sono was a wife, mother, grandmother, true artist, and the greatest friend a person could have.  I cannot believe that such a gift from God is no longer here.

Sono had a solid faith in the Lord and His plan for her.  I heard that she faced her own mortality with the same grace with which she lived her life.  I can hardly explain how much she meant to those who knew her, she was just that incredible.  Some people are so amazing that words aren’t adequate to describe them.

I am so sad for her beautiful family and her dear friends.  I pray for God’s healing power.  I’m simply heartbroken.

Honor the gifts from God in your life.  As a devout Catholic, I believe in God and heaven and in Jesus, and that all God’s blessed children return to him.