News Update

Hi all,

Here is an update on the progress of my staged reading.  I met with my director, Micki, last Wednesday and we discussed casting and the low-down on each character.  We are having auditions on possibly Dec. 13,14 or 19,20.  I’ll let you know when the venue is determined for the auditions, and if you’re in the Portland area, you’re welcome to audition.  The show has 12 women parts, a few of which we’re planning to double up for the reading, and one part for a guy.  Some other details about the reading are that we are going to have subtitle cards for the parts in Spanish and Portuguese and possibly sound effect cards for the battle scenes.  It’s going to be a really funny show.

There will be a meeting for everyone involved in the Pulp Diction reading series within the month.  I look forward to meeting with them.

In unrelated news, I thought I should mention that I am also taking an acting for film class with Shelly Lipkin.  Shelly is a 20-year+ veteran of Hollywood and now resides in Portland.  I worked on a scene from the Australian movie Love Serenade and I am currently working on a scene from Adaptation and one from Thelma and Louise.  Being on film is an interesting experience.  My previous experience on film was doing student films and film/tv  classes at Drama Studio London.

Well, that’s the scoop.

News This Week

Hi all,

Let me tell you my latest news.  Well, I’m meeting with Micki, my director, this coming week to discuss the particulars for the reading and to share my script revisions.  I also found a young man to help me with the lines in the script that are in Brazilian Portuguese.  I have been thoroughly revising my script since I finished the first draft on New Year’s Eve, 2006.  It’s a well-known fact that plays take three years on average to get produced.  I hope that I can get my script produced in the future.  It’s exciting to share my work with a larger audience and get to perform it to boot.  I did after all write The Go-Girls for myself to act in.

I have been asked to post a blog on The Fertile Ground website.  I am very honored to be asked.  You’ll be seeing that post soon.  It will be about my process as a playwright and I’ll also mention a bit about why I wrote The Go-Girls.  I have some work to get done.

Family Ties

On Friday I had the opportunity to see Hand2Mouth Theatre’s original production of “Everyone Who Looks Like You,” a play about family relationships.  I volunteered to usher the show, which is a great way to see great theatre for free.  Rather than being a straight-forward play, the show explores a common theme through words, movement, gestures and music.  The set gives the suggestion of a home while being very open and fluid.  The company members are very gifted and have created a highly compelling piece.  The show runs until Nov. 22 and it is playing at Theatre! Theatre! on 34th and Belmont.  Tickets are $15 each.  You can find more information on the play at

Talking about this excellent show has reminded me that throughout my acting training, I have had the opportunity to explore how even a simple gesture can have great meaning.  For example, simply standing in a corner can make you feel isolated.  And from this simple movement a story can emerge.  Us actors have to remember to pay attention to every moment or movement because anything can be significant.  I am often tempted to plan things, make them happen, but I remind myself that I have to just let things happen and let the reactions of my fellow performers color my performance.  As one of my acting teachers told me, your scene partner can come up with better things than you can on your own.  I took a Viewpoints-inspired workshop a while back and it really forced me to depend on others rather than myself.  And it was amazing to see what I and my fellow performers could come up with.  We created a story without even trying.  And most of the time, we could only use movement and gestures.  Being a writer as well, I most often think in terms of dialogue, using the lines that I have to tell the story and not even considering the physical.  However, there is a statistic that 70% of communication is non-verbal and that certainly applies to the stage, but even more so to film because it’s even more visual.  So the physical aspects of performance really are what makes actor communication effective.  And successful communication is what us actors strive for.

In other news, today I am auditioning for the student films at the Arts Institute in Portland.  Wish me luck!

Pulp Diction at Fertile Ground

Hi all,

I wanted to tell you about my latest project which is the world-premiere of my play The Go-Girls.  The play is going to be done as a staged reading as part of The Pulp Stage’s Pulp Diction late-night reading series.  The reading series is premiering as part of the city-wide festival of new works called Fertile Ground, which is going on in Portland, OR from January 22-February 2, 2010.  There will be staged readings and performances of new works from Portland Center Stage (PCS), Artists Repertory Theatre (ART), Miracle Theatre, and many more.  If you currently live or plan to be in the Portland Area then, please come support the festival.  Season passes and individual tickets for the performances are available.  You can find out more about the festival and tickets by clicking on the link in the links section.

The Go-Girls is a spoof on X-Men and chick lit.  The play is about a young woman named Amelia Beckett, aka Goddess of Discord.  She goes for what she thinks is a regular job interview only to be recruited into a super-hero team by lovers Joanna and Marianna. Little do her new friends know that she is a member of the Cosmic Sisterhood and has a major problem of her own: her equally powerful sister who is off her medication and on the rampage against all of Los Angeles. Into the mix comes Brian, a graphic novelist originally from Cuba, with abilities of his own. And then there is Olga, the mysterious woman warrior from Brazil, who holds a terrible secret in her past. These five join together for the battle of their lives because not only is LA in grave danger, the fate of the entire world is at stake.

The Pulp Stage’s Pulp Diction series will be performing at The Brody Theatre January 24-28.  The Go-Girls will be performed on Thursday, January 28 at 10:30pm.  The show is directed by Micki Selvitella and the role of Amelia Beckett/Goddess of Discord will be played by me.  The two other full-length works in the reading series are The Rewrite Man by Steve Patterson and The Night I Died by Matt Haynes.  I have listed the link to The Pulp Stage website below in the links section.

One final note is that The Go-Girls was first performed as a staged reading at Drama Studio London on April 21, 2008 before a small group of students and teachers.  I would like to take this moment to thank that first cast for their enthusiastic work that helped me get this play to its world-premiere.

Hello world!

Hello all and welcome to my first blog post.  I’ve been wanting to have a blog for a while now and here it is.  This blog will chronicle my adventures in acting and writing.  I also plan to discuss the art of acting, artistic opinions, ideas for future projects, and shows that I’ve seen.  This will be a positive, friendly blog.  Thank you for visiting.