The year of the anna

Hi everyone,

I’m way behind on the Anna news. I booked a commercial in September for Seattle Bank! It’s the first through my wonderful agent. I got him a Starbucks gift card for Christmas. I hope you remembered to send your reps a Christmas card and small gift. This year I need to book some national commercials and earn some serious money. Here is the link on YouTube to the commercial: I’m a lawyer who loves to craft in the spot. I had the best time ever and they fed me well. Crafty is my favorite part of being on-set next to acting of course.

Also, the commercial was featured in an article in Adweek, the premiere magazine for ad agencies. Ad agencies are the ones who handle hiring casting directors, writing the commercial copy, and hiring the production companies for commercials. It is an honor to be featured in their publications. Here is the link:

Another goal of mine this year is to get network on-screen credits. I have non-union ones and a named featured extra, but I really need to level up. I’m SAG-eligible now, so there shouldn’t be any barriers to that. I’m attending an online pilot seminar tonight so I hope to learn some new things. I’m never sure if pilot season applies to me since I don’t have a manager or a theatrical rep. I’ve been submitting and did get one response recently from a top-level manager saying that they only rep people with multiple, current guest star and above credits. But a response means they liked my look and they will consider me when I get bigger credits. It’s encouraging but I have a great deal of work to do to get those credits.


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