Christmas Palm Trees

Hi All,

I’m really making large gaps with these posts.  I hope your holiday season is starting out merry.  I’m singing in a Christmas concert with my church choir.  Here is the event page on Facebook: It’s this Saturday, December 15, at 2pm at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Venice, CA.  Then I’m off to visit home for three weeks just in time for my parents to move out of the family home.  It’s the only house I ever lived in and where all my memories are stored.  I’ll be seeing all my friends in the Portland area whom I don’t see very often.  It’s slightly cold in LA right now and it’s to the point I actually have to wear a sweater to bed.

La Famille episodes one and two are written but three and four need to be finished.  I only have to take each section for each woman in the original screenplay and add 25 to 30 pages and edit all of them.  Then it’s the push to get this thing produced and in the hands of the right people.  The Go-Girls feature is officially cancelled.  I couldn’t get any money or anyone reliable to help me, so I had to finally tell everyone it was over.  I will be filming a pre-quel short that needed to have the production date moved due to Thanksgiving and the wildfires.  After, I will submit it to shorts festivals and see what happens.

On Veterans’ Day, I booked a co-star in new re-creation series and I had one line.  I got the most money I have ever gotten for a day on set, making my year total earned for acting $600.  That may look like a small amount, but it’s the most money I’ve ever made (except for when I did Rejected No More.)  There have been theatre auditions with the last one looking promising, but in the end, I wasn’t cast.  But my Shakespeare was on fleek.  So, no theatre credits at the moment.  I got my first SAG-AFTRA voucher from background on a music video.  I need two more of those to be eligible.

I got behind on my mailings so I’m making up for that now.  I did get two commercial callbacks in a row in July and September.  I met for a solo coaching session with Chris Game about my not getting callbacks and he helped me fix it.  I’m hoping for many more commercial auditions and finally booking them.  And finally getting some SAG-AFTRA TV/Film work.  Getting back to class is tough for me because of my finances.  I have to be able to pay my rent, but I really need to be in class.

Anna In Charge

Hi all,

Well, that was a long gap in posts.  How are you all doing?  It’s Spring Break but I haven’t slowed down at all.  It’s crazy that when I’m vacation from the day job, I still have so much to do.  I just auditioned for the relaunched Reprise Theatre cast by Michael Donovan Casting.  I briefly met Michael when my Acting Business class in college had a commercial presentation at his office.  We learned about commercials and got to even try reading copy boards and improvising on-camera.  Speaking of commercials, I’ve had several commercial auditions since January but not the past two weeks.  I even got to audition for a Google ad.  We also sometimes get voiceover requests.  The only booking I have gotten in the past few months is background on a Cisco commercial, that I got myself from Actors Access.  That’s the only site I usually get auditions from, except those I get through my agent on Casting Networks.  I also auditioned for a student film for Mount St. Mary’s University held at Sunset-Gower Studios yesterday.  A friend of mine recently had an audition for a series regular and has booked a few co-stars before that.  I wish I had his luck.  I’m considering using the representation finding service through Actors Access/Breakdowns Express to obtain theatrical representation and a manager.  My only manager meeting was not what I wanted.  I’m specifically looking for someone who believes in me auditioning for Union projects and doesn’t insist I keep working non-union jobs that don’t have consistent pay, protections, and residuals.  I can work a few more non-union projects, but that doesn’t pay the bills.  This is in regards to theatrical projects; my commercial auditions are taken care of.  I also did a large mailing this week of postcards and three headshots and resumes.  I’m doing one last push before Pilot Season ends.  I know many people say that a non-theatrically represented non-union person like me has no hope of obtaining a pilot audition, but I don’t care.  No famous person ever said they didn’t go for something before they became successful because they weren’t union yet or didn’t have the credits or even the agent.  So I have no idea where this attitude came from.  And many people mean well when they say it, but it doesn’t help me to place limitations on what I want or tell me it isn’t possible.

I once again auditioned for my favorite outdoor (and sometimes indoor) Shakespeare company and then went to Las Vegas for my birthday.  (Happy Birthday to me!)  I also recently took an amazing Shakespeare Monologue class with veteran Shakespearean actor, Joseph Culliton, and we had a student showcase last week.  And I’m auditioning for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival on Saturday.  I’m bringing my Cordelia.

The weekend after this, I am attending the Supermentors Showrunner Summit hosted by Marc and Elaine Zicree, the founders of The Table of which I’m a member.  I am hoping for solid connections and good things to come from it.  The showrunners will have me in the same room as them for two whole days straight.

Well, Happy Easter!  I need to get back to work.  (Or maybe go to the beach.)

It’s November, mmmm…

Hi all,

Yes, I took a long time to write another blog post.  I have simply not been getting back to my page like I should.  How are you all doing?  I haven’t had any commercial auditions since the 4 audition run of awesomeness in August.  I did get to audition for a music video for which I had to react to a racial slur two different ways while pretending to pour water.  On the class front, I finished my How To Book Everything Class with Chris Game and then I took the Sitcom Class with Troy Metcalf, who is a series regular on The Middle.  I had a great time in both classes and got some practice I haven’t had in a long time or for skills I simply didn’t have before.  I’ve been keeping up with the TV and Film casting directors adding my sitcom contacts to my target list.  I recently refined the theatrical and commercial casting director lists into one document.  There are a few offices that are not possible to contact due to addresses that don’t work or not having an address.   I haven’t gotten a theatrical audition for my target list yet, but I did get to send a self-tape audition (per request) for a high-paying web series.

On the theatre front, I was cast as the Orange Fairy in a children’s Halloween play and had a quick rehearsal and two-weekend performance run.  It was called the Happy Halloween House and the company is Creating Arts Company, which produces musicals and plays for children, and also private events.  I hope to work with them more in the future.

I had a very successful audition for the Young Audiences program at the LA Philharmonic.  For some wild reason, my audition buddy and I were among the only four people there when sign ups began.  Usually at EPAs little non-union me has to wait between 2 to 6 hours to get seen.  But in this case, my buddy and I got to go in the first block.  The auditors were so nice and we had a lovely conversation about me studying in London and about how I had a major crush on the actor playing Michael Cassio in The Globe production of Othello.  However, when I went to the EPA for Utah Shakespeare Festival, for whom I had such a wonderful audition last year, I couldn’t get in to save my life.  There was a ridiculous amount of Equity members and EMCs and I was number 2 on the non-union list.  And now this Friday, there is going to be the EPA for the touring company of Les Miserables.  I listened to that musical and the Phantom of the Opera on permanent loop throughout my childhood.  I’m getting there really early and hoping to God I can get in.

Summer Lovin’ Part 1

Hi all,

I’ve been up to so much.  First off, I now have a commercial agent!  I’m with Aqua Talent and I hope to be getting auditions soon and booking some commercials.  I really want to act and write and produce and create full-time.  And right now, I’m taking class with Chris Game in his How To Book Everything class at Acting Up Network.  (I swear it’s the only place I want to take class from now on.)  Basically, you learn how to book any type of TV or Film audition in the class and how to work with the camera and your choices for the maximum performance.

I had to run the crowdfund campaign by myself for The Go-Girls.  I had no money to hire anyone to run it.  I did everything I could with my mostly full-time work schedule and even hired a promotions company to send out press releases and create social media ads.  I posted on social media several times nearly every day.  It was expensive enough getting set up with a tax ID and business license expenses.  I only got $155, plus two contributions off the site.  We are about as far from $200,000 as possible.  We could go into production with a bit less than half.  When I posted a job for an Executive Producer, there were very few responses.  Other people have funded features in this budget range and they did it somehow.  I know how to produce no-budget and micro budget films.  I just wanted to be in something spectacular to show that I can be a leading lady and give other women a chance to shine.  I have an amazing cast who love this script and badly want to make this film.  My Development Executive is negotiating a possible investor deal and I’m on the lookout for possible investors.

I’m auditioning for a production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  I’ve always liked the musical and have always wanted to play Olive Ostrovsky.  And they will be having another round of auditions for the Independent Theatres of Los Angeles.  The previous round of auditions was booked up by the time I got to audition.

April Showers Bring…

Hi all,

As you’ve probably noticed, that one producer is no longer on the project.  Sometimes you encounter people who want to make it their show and don’t have your best interests at heart.  Well, onward the Go-Girls go!  I have cast all the other roles.  Special thanks to Film Independent for the use of their space for casting!  I have some really exciting and accomplished people acting in the project.  I am currently finalizing the funding plans and have filed federally and in CA to accept investors.  Please check out the website at  If you’re not an accredited investor, you will be able to contribute to the funding campaign shortly once I figure out the best way to do that.

In acting news, I got a callback for a national brand commercial the week before last.  This is exciting because I currently don’t have an agent and it’s my first callback with an LA casting director.  I continue to submit to agents and connect with casting directors.  And I also recently completed the Soap Opera Intensive with Bob Lambert, Casting Associate for Days of Our Lives.  He will be teaching the class again on April 20.  Please visit for details.  You will love his class as it takes you through auditions to preparing a final scene for a screen test.  He even loves my headshot!  Basically, you should go to the Acting Up Network site period because they are always having industry seminars and at least two ongoing scene study classes.  Jodie, the head of the company, is so awesome!  I am also attending an exclusive TV taping this week with the Film Funding Club, a group of people who produce films or would like to produce films (like me!).  Nancy Fulton is the head of the group and she has many seminars, events, and extremely useful articles.  You can find her contact information and more about her services at

Oh, and I’m taking ballet classes again with Align Ballet Method.  You can learn ballet too in a really supportive environment (of course, you can’t automatically get the 14+ years experience I have!).  Go to

Basically, that’s what’s going on right now.  I’m singing in the church choir for the Holy Thursday mass, going to Good Friday service, and singing Easter Sunday!  Yes, I’m that Catholic.

Springing Into Action

Hi all,

It’s been two months since the last post and I’ve been so busy!  I will be casting the other roles before beginning the crowdfunding campaign and contacting investors.  I’m a Filmmaker Pro Member of Film Independent, which you can also be for $250 per year. On that note: the site for Film Independent is, where you can find out about membership, events, film grants, and filmmaking labs in screenwriting, documentaries, producing, etc. You need to apply and be accepted for the labs. My membership also includes two free casting sessions. I’ve already used my producer session perk. So, my task in the next two days is to contact potential actors for the remaining roles (I’m Amelia, of course!).

I am still auditioning for all the Equity theatres I can and I hope to get cast somewhere soon. The next two ones are Independent Shakespeare Company and Theatricum Botanicum. I’ve started volunteering for ISC and completed my first session last night for a screening of the documentary, Still Dreaming, about a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Lillian Booth Retirement Home for Actors. I had a wonderful time and the film was engaging and charming.

Recently, I got to see my acting teacher, Kevin McCorkle, in White Guy on the Bus with The Road Theatre Company and everyone was brilliant! You have got to go see it. It deals with some pretty heavy topics, so be prepared. The show plays Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm through March 18.

Next up classwise, I am taking a 3-week soap opera workshop with veteran casting director, Bob Lambert, and I am so excited! I am also attending the free industry seminar hosted by Billy Damota and Dea Vise at Acting Up Network on March 10. March 10 is also my birthday and since my Grandpa joined my Grandma in Heaven, I’ve been celebrating by myself. Check out Acting Up Network for great classes and seminars: Jodie, the head of the company, is one of the best people to know in the industry.

And the last piece of news is that I have a commercial audition this Tuesday via Skype, which should be interesting since I’ve never done an audition through my computer before. I keep pushing forward with my marketing, classes, and connecting. I’ve also gotten back into ballet classes and I really want to take more than just a class per week. I need to back up my special skills section on my resume.

After The Turkey Is Over

Hi all,

Let me squeeze in all the news.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  A nice lady in the church choir invited me to dinner and I was so happy to have somewhere to go.  I went home last year, but I couldn’t afford to fly home for both Christmas and Thanksgiving this year, so I’ll be home for Christmas.  Thanksgiving doesn’t mean the same as it did when my grandparents were alive and we had a house full of family.

I took a fantastic acting class with veteran actor, Kevin McCorkle, at Camera Left/ASG Casting.  He calls the class Acting In Motion and I got a special price for the class.  Basically, the class is mainly about commercial technique, business knowledge, and defining an actor blue print.  I have an actor blueprint put together, but I haven’t been able to stick to all of it.  My plan is to send a few postcards a week, submit to one agent, and make sure to do one thing to practice my skills each day, among other things.  No news on the agent front yet.  Being SAG-eligible is not in the near future for me, unless I book some TV credit sometime soon.  I did get to audition for a AAA commercial a few weeks back.  I am always doing something.

I attended the Film Independent Filmmaker Forum and I learned so much.  I got to meet a big casting director, a working producer, and the Fine Brothers!  They have lunch and brunch meetings with successful industry members, big name key note speakers, sessions about different trends in the industry, and one-on-one Industry Connect meetings which early birds (like me!) got first crack at.  My first one-on-one went great and the second did not.  I also met an entertainment lawyer among the attendees.  This is not an event that most actors attend and barely anyone was in a position to help me with The Go-Girls.  It’s about the third weekend of October each year and costs about $215 for members ($230 for non-members).  I’m also now a Filmmaker Pro member, so I can attend exclusive free screenings, have a free production consultation, use the offices for casting, and have table reads. (It’s $250 per year; A regular membership is $95.)  I met with the fantastic guy who is the production consultant and he was greatly helpful.  He said that I had been doing pretty much what I should and that I was well-informed and organized.  He was honest about everything but very constructive and positive.

I had a Crowdfund Manager, but he seriously didn’t understand me or the project.  I’ll be looking for another one, because I know what to do for the crowdfunding campaign, I just need someone to help me out.

There is a new member on the Go-Girls team to be announced at a later date.

In stage news, I auditioned for the Utah Shakespeare Festival and the Broadway tour of Wicked!  They both went great.  For the Wicked call, it was an open call and 200 people showed up.  I was lucky number 13 so I didn’t have to wait that long to audition.  They had us do 8 bars, which had me scrambling to cut down my song to fit.  I heard from the people who auditioned long after me that they ended up doing the songs a cappella towards the end.  I am also auditioning for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival this week.  I always make sure to get to the EPA calls as early as is reasonable so I have a chance to be seen.  If you get there too late and you’re non-union, you may not get seen or have to wait 6 hours.

There’s a great deal of work to be done in what’s left of 2016.  I am so sad about all the important people who died this year (except Fidel Castro.  Brian Avellaneda is definitely cheering.)

California Dreaming

Hi all,

Here’s what I’ve been doing.  I was cast in a paying industrial PSA about three weekends ago during my five-week temp assignment.  I saw the posting on the Actors’ Network Facebook page and I sent in my headshot and was cast.  I was really glad about that.  I hope to be able to utilize Facebook and Twitter to get auditions, especially from those casting directors, as many people say you can.  I still haven’t determined who out of the many casting directors I should target.  Another one of my acting career projects right now is getting representation.  I am following the Representation Race program from Dallas Travers because I want to do this effectively.  Check out all her programs and free in-person workshops at   She is one of the best acting business coaches in the industry with advice and practical steps that will make you feel empowered.  I’ll be attending her free acting business seminar on June 7.

I also checked out some TV/Film acting teachers but I haven’t found my fit yet.  I really enjoyed Jeff Hardwick’s commercial class because it was comprehensive yet low-key.  I’m certain taking the class helped me to book that small commercial.  He has another four-week class starting up on June 2.  Information is at his website at

I went to the Post-Cannes Soiree hosted by Infolist.  It was at the swanky and pretty Sofitel in Beverly Hills.  I met a good number of interesting people and we all exchanged business cards, but I didn’t get cast in a pilot like last time!  (The pilot is still happening but film dates haven’t been set yet.  I’m really excited about when it happens.)  I did meet a pop culture journalist who thinks his team might be interested in interviewing me about The Go-Girls.  About my little movie: my executive producer and I are finalizing our funding plans and asking the important questions about investors and funding.  I am part of the Nancy Fulton Meetup film funding group and she has many videos and seminars about producing films.  I just watched the one about accepting money from investors under the Regulation D criteria.  I also went to a crowdfunding seminar a few weeks ago and they charge $2600 for training and support for crowdfunders with a discount of $1,000 for those signing up the day of.  That’s an easy amount for someone who makes that or more every day they work, but not little starving artists.  I’ve been really researching the crowdfunding and going to seminars for two years, so I’ve got this.

One thing I have realized is that I have a great deal of talent and that I have to conquer my audition nerves, trust what’s inside of me, and go to auditions feeling like the goddess I am.  I’ll be once again going to EPAs because theatre feeds my soul and Equity theatres pay enough.  (Mostly, though some only pay the non-Union a stipend and the Union people a weekly salary.)

Well, that’s enough info for now.  How are you guys doing in your artistic pursuit?  What have you been doing to keep yourselves going in your work and financially supporting yourselves?

Break Through

Hi all,

Happy almost Halloween!  I will be wearing my new Rogue costume that I made with the help of my friend, Sara.  Check out her professional cosplay page at  I have always loved Rogue from the comics with her unfortunate ability of not being able to touch people, her being Southern, her fun attitude, and for being Gambit’s other half.  I never thought I’d get to dress up as her.  I learned a great deal about sewing, especially how to sew spandex and boot covers.  I have way more to learn though, as I can’t handle zippers yet.

On the acting front, as you have probably seen if you follow my fan page, I am set to be part of a pilot that will be pitched to major networks.  I met the creator/producer, Mike Austin, at a networking party and he said I would be a great fit.  That is all I can say about it for now.  I have to let the official people release the official information.  Who would have thought you could get cast in something just by going to an event?

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to do two more commercials as part of the Burning Suns Entertainment Adobe campaign.  These involved fashion and funny business with donuts.  I was really glad to be part of so many of the ads.  Here is the link again to watch all the ads already completed:

In Go-Girls news, I have an official executive producer and a potential director (which I probably already mentioned) and I am going forth with the crowdfunding campaign.  While my executive producer approaches potential investors, I will be putting together the IndieGoGo campaign and I need to get the written pitch and pitch videos done soon.  I met with a graphic designer on Monday to create a poster specifically for the pre-production period and crowdfunding campaign.

If you’d like to know more about the original presentation of The Go-Girls as a staged reading, here below this post is the blog post I did for the Fertile Ground blog back in 2010.  Sadly, there are no pictures or a recording of the staged reading itself.

I submitted Business Casual to the Phoenix Film Festival for a total of four festivals.  I am debating whether or not I should submit to another festival.  Those submission fees add up.  The short has already been accepted into the Arizona Community Short Film Festival, which happens at 6:30pm on November 24 at Filmbar.  Event information (but not yet for tickets) is available at the event page here: