California Dreaming

Hi all,

Here’s what I’ve been doing.  I was cast in a paying industrial PSA about three weekends ago during my five-week temp assignment.  I saw the posting on the Actors’ Network Facebook page and I sent in my headshot and was cast.  I was really glad about that.  I hope to be able to utilize Facebook and Twitter to get auditions, especially from those casting directors, as many people say you can.  I still haven’t determined who out of the many casting directors I should target.  Another one of my acting career projects right now is getting representation.  I am following the Representation Race program from Dallas Travers because I want to do this effectively.  Check out all her programs and free in-person workshops at   She is one of the best acting business coaches in the industry with advice and practical steps that will make you feel empowered.  I’ll be attending her free acting business seminar on June 7.

I also checked out some TV/Film acting teachers but I haven’t found my fit yet.  I really enjoyed Jeff Hardwick’s commercial class because it was comprehensive yet low-key.  I’m certain taking the class helped me to book that small commercial.  He has another four-week class starting up on June 2.  Information is at his website at

I went to the Post-Cannes Soiree hosted by Infolist.  It was at the swanky and pretty Sofitel in Beverly Hills.  I met a good number of interesting people and we all exchanged business cards, but I didn’t get cast in a pilot like last time!  (The pilot is still happening but film dates haven’t been set yet.  I’m really excited about when it happens.)  I did meet a pop culture journalist who thinks his team might be interested in interviewing me about The Go-Girls.  About my little movie: my executive producer and I are finalizing our funding plans and asking the important questions about investors and funding.  I am part of the Nancy Fulton Meetup film funding group and she has many videos and seminars about producing films.  I just watched the one about accepting money from investors under the Regulation D criteria.  I also went to a crowdfunding seminar a few weeks ago and they charge $2600 for training and support for crowdfunders with a discount of $1,000 for those signing up the day of.  That’s an easy amount for someone who makes that or more every day they work, but not little starving artists.  I’ve been really researching the crowdfunding and going to seminars for two years, so I’ve got this.

One thing I have realized is that I have a great deal of talent and that I have to conquer my audition nerves, trust what’s inside of me, and go to auditions feeling like the goddess I am.  I’ll be once again going to EPAs because theatre feeds my soul and Equity theatres pay enough.  (Mostly, though some only pay the non-Union a stipend and the Union people a weekly salary.)

Well, that’s enough info for now.  How are you guys doing in your artistic pursuit?  What have you been doing to keep yourselves going in your work and financially supporting yourselves?


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