The First Booking is the Awesomest

Hi all,

I’ve been up to a great deal of things.  I booked my first gig in LA and it was a commercial! It should be available on the internet by tomorrow or so.  I had a wonderful experience.  They were a top professional crew and we were filming at an actual sound stage that includes a house set, town hall, diner, and detective offices.  I had make-up and costume people fawning over me to make sure I looked perfect.  I have a selfie photo posted onto the fanpage on Facebook and on Twitter.  What I can tell you is it’s me in a situation that is comically improbable.

On the agent front, I was invited to an agent open call and I attended.  I haven’t heard from them.  I have decided to keep revising the agent target list as I learn more and have more experiences.  It would be much easier if they actually contacted me.  My number of submissions is at 18 at the moment.  I just started sending out one-sheets to keep myself on their mind and will be sending more of the one-sheets to commercial casting directors as a first point.  (I’ve also sent to some film/tv casting directors.)

As for classes right now, I have a two-month temp assignment that should begin next week.  Needing to be available during regular working hours might mean that I won’t be able to audition during the week, but I very much need the money.

What is up for this weekend is being an extra in an AFI student film, which should be fun and allow me to meet students about to go out into the world to make films.  I filmed the interview pitch video for The Go-Girls campaign.  And I need to film the personal pitch video.  I wonder what I should say.  I have the written pitch together, but I get really nervous without a script to say.  I have a new producer and he will be in charge of the crowdfunding campaign.  My executive producer continues to contact possible investors, a top director, and attend seminars to find us funding.  I’m so lucky to have him on my team.

Lastly, I attended the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event last night as one of 6,000 lucky people who got tickets.  My BFF is a journalist for an online newspaper and she told me about the tickets back in January.  We went to lunch and then off she went to take interviews.  I love seeing my friends as I often focus so much on my work.  The event had most of the original founders of the Final Fantasy game franchise and even famous actors who are voicing the major characters in the tie-in film.  They have an anime, mini-game app, game-play demo, and the film that will available to stream soon.  I really want the game when it comes out in September, but I have to save up some money to buy it and a PS4.  I have to make sure I have enough money for acting and living expenses.




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