Phoenix Comiccon Commercials

Hi all, I am going to the Phoenix Comic Con this weekend. It officially runs May 26-29. I wanted to invite you to check out the commercials for the event on the website. I didn’t get cast in them but you should still check them out. And get a con pass if you’re in the […]

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The Right Path

Hi all, Well, the agency I thought I was with, The Young Agency, isn’t exactly representing me.  Instead of an actual agent I got casting notices, many of which I can find on the current sites I check, from a booking manager.  Agencies do not have booking managers.  And you have to pay for them […]

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The Heights of Heaven

Hi all, I took too long to post something.  I just found out about the deaths of a colleague and a family friend.  James Peppers, who directed me in The Music Man with The New Blue Parrot Productions back in 2005, died last Thursday.  He had had several health problems but he wasn’t very old.  […]

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