Summer in the City

Hi all,

I’ll try to post more often as interesting things keep happening.

I got an audition for a SAG Comedy Feature film called “Are You Blind?” this past Saturday.  I heard about the casting from Jeff Gund on Info List and I e-mailed my headshot and resume.  And then I got a response!  That was so awesome.  I don’t know if I got it yet but it was a fun audition.  I was partnered up for the audition with a veteran actor named Alejandro who was really nice.  The scene we did was the lead character, a  young woman who is a soccer referee in training, having an eye exam with an eye doctor who is also a parent of the kids whose games she refs.  Basically, she finds out that she is such a terrible ref because she is legally blind.  It looks to be a very funny script.

And my postcards turned out gorgeous.  I’ll post what they look like on the Pictures page.  I’ve been sending them to casting directors and theatres.  I’ve made a target list in Excel of casting directors and theatres, specifically those that participate in the EMC (Equity Membership Candidacy Program).  I’ll also send some to agents but I’m not sure I’m at the point where an LA agent, or manager, would be interested in representing me.

I’ll also be going to a premiere of a web series called The Day Player next Monday night.  Doing a web series sounds cool to me but I’ve gotten reliable advice that it is certain to take up your time to pursue your acting career and that it’s a popular idea.  I think that if you have an idea for a story that demands to be told and you’re not sure how to pitch that to a major studio, then that probably is what you’d need to do.  I think that doing some short movies that adhere to professional standards is a good idea, especially if one needs demo reel footage and doesn’t have proper material for that like myself.

Anyway, it looks like I have a real day job that starts next week.  It’s as a personal assistant with flexible hours though I will need to work full time hours to make enough money.  I have to have enough money to stay here because I actually like it here despite the bloody traffic and the dirty neighborhood I live in.
And I have to make my dreams come true.

Oh, I didn’t make it to the Cabaret which actually began last week.  I wanted to be there but I got work that afternoon and then this week I really needed my rest.  It’s only going to get crazier.

You’ll notice that there is a new link for the Actor’s Network.  I had forgotten to include it.  Anyway, I could go on about how beneficial it is to be a member but you’ve got to go to the website to see for yourself.  They have numerous free orientations each month and if you go to one, please use me as a reference as I get points for it.  Every time I walk in there, I get priceless advice and get closer to the path for success.  It has really shifted my paradigms about pursuing a career.  I’ve learned things that would take me way longer to learn on my own.  Kevin E. West is the founder and, also, co-owner with manager Paulo Andres and a guy you have got to meet.

More soon I promise.


Hi all,

Well, I’m in the process of getting my postcards together.  I’m so glad I won that free package.  And I also dropped off my headshot and resume for the understudy for Laura in The Glass Menagerie at Center Theatre Group.  They have a locked door you must have a pass to get through to the casting offices, which I guess they don’t give out to anyone without an appointment.  I was only permitted to leave my materials with the security guard.

Center Theatre Group has an Equity general once a month and they only take 25 Equity people between 9 and 9:30am.  I tried to get seen as I had no idea that the door locked after 9:30.  Someone told me that I could try to get seen towards the end at 10:30-11am, but that was not the case.  They have generals for non-union actors when time permits.  I sent my black and white headshot to them before I knew that no one was accepting them anymore.

I got the copies of my color headshot from my favorite print house Isgo Lespeijian.  Standards keep changing as I experienced with having to reformat my play.  I had no idea that the format I used before was wrong.  I’ll send that play out yet.  I’m afraid that it might end up in “development hell” as they call it.  Where your play keeps ending up getting readings but no productions.  I have half a mind to produce the show myself but I’ll have to try submitting it to other people first.  Self-producing is expensive.

So yeah, I went to a karaoke/performance night at Neon Venus Theatre where I audited the singing for actors class.  Aidan, who teaches that class, invited me to come next Tuesday for an open mic cabaret so I can meet the artistic director of the theatre he’s been performing at.  I got up and sang karaoke three times.  I sang “What About Love” by Heart, “So Pure” by Alanis Morrisette, and “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera.  Everyone loved it.  Of course, Phantom of the Opera is more my forte and I swear it’s my Dad’s favorite musical.  And there were performances from two singer/songwriters.  I really liked the first one, who had a ragtime/piano sound.

I got one day of work this week from one of my temp agencies and I got the contact info for someone with an open general office position from a lady on Hollywood Happy Hour.  I need more work than just one day a week.  I hope to get some acting work soon.