Deck the Cactuses

Hi all,


I hope your Holiday season is merry and bright. This is the first year in a while that I haven’t been in a show for Christmas, but I guess that gives me more time for Christmas fun. I will be visiting home for Christmas and my mom and I will be shopping and baking cookies. I will be coming back in time to march in the Fiesta Bowl Parade with my fellow Arizona Avengers. I attended three industry-related gatherings in a row two weeks back: one was a going away event for a producer friend of mine, one was my agency’s Holiday party, and the third was Filmstock. I really enjoyed the Filmstock Festival and I attended on the night they were doing dramatic shorts. My favorite was The Last Piper, an amazing film made by Norwegian film students. I couldn’t believe how incredible the quality and acting were. There were also two SAG-AFTRA shorts, one of which starred a few people from “Breaking Bad.” I have been really excited to see how Filmstock has grown to now have festival dates in four states and the increasing professional quality of the films.


I recently sent postcards to casting directors in New Mexico. I have been given advice to make one-sheets and there was an article about pilot season in Backstage online that said sending e-mail press releases was the best way to get casting directors to call you in. I have always heard that unsolicited e-mails are not accepted and that it’s extremely rare for someone who is non-union to be seen for a pilot. The Actors Network advice is to do “odd-size mailers,” which is a postcard in an envelope. I usually do that, but I had old stamps that I needed to use that were the right amount for sending postcards not in envelopes. Postage keeps increasing.


In the New Year, there will be a New Media project, a proposed charity concert, exciting news about the script contest, more auditions, and hopefully some major bookings. I will get myself back to LA some year soon. A buddy of mine is already well on the way to relocating.


Merry Christmas to all, may your stage lights burn bright!

A View to the Top

Hi all,

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Now the season of shopping is upon us.  As a starving artist, my family and friends will mostly be getting Christmas cards.  I had a bit of breakthrough this past month. I was cast as a paid extra in a commercial for three days through my agent. I’ve never gotten three days on a film set before, so this was great. I was a mom extra and we got to pretend to eat pizza. They fed us well and it was an actual top professional shoot with some of the crew from LA. I hope to have a great deal more paying film and commercial film work.

Today, I’ll be auditioning for Dial M for Murder. I received a callback for The Mousetrap last year at this theater, so I hope it works out well. I auditioned for a few musicals and didn’t even get a callback. They keep talking about how it’s so hard, especially at the local Equity theatres to get cast. I hope it’s not impossible for me.

Last month, I attended the Indie Window premiere of local film, Reckless Abandon. My friend Greg was in the film and I was even sitting next to him. For a state without tax incentives, local filmmakers are doing very well. We just need some SAG-AFTRA work, and we’ll be good. The city of Tucson came up with a plan to attract top filmmakers through providing discounts on services and locations. Phoenix needs to do it too. I am planning to get back to LA some day and I’m going to be SAG-AFTRA eligible. That Taft-Hartley project will happen.

I recently connected with the production team of Yet 2 Be Named, who are now promoting their web series of the same name. They were really nice and willing to give me advice for doing a SAG-AFTRA New Media project. The site is I’ve connected with a great deal of filmmakers and actors in LA through Twitter.

No news yet on the script contest, but I am sure there will be soon.