Making Progress

Hi all,

Here’s the news from the Anna-sphere: last Saturday I had my audition for Phoenix Theatre and I really made an effort to take my time and show my personality. I always get nervous and the nerves still get in the way a bit. I worked on my material a great deal, but I still blanked on one line in the middle of the monologue. I stayed in character and it came to me two seconds later. The artistic directors asked me afterwards about playing Governor Jan Brewer and I told them all about it, but in an awesome professional way. The next big season audition for me is for Arizona Theatre Company next week. I am hoping to perform a different monologue than I did for Phoenix Theatre and will be doing a different song.

My acting coach directed a production of Little Women at ASU and it was so good. I would have loved to have been in the show, but I’m not a student there. She invited me along and I managed to get a free ticket that was donated to the box office. I’ll be meeting with her sometime soon to prepare for the next audition. I feel that this year maybe things will be different and the Equity theatres will call me in for their shows.

I auditioned for a production of the Mousetrap and I got a callback, which will be tomorrow. The theatre is technically a community theatre, but they do pay. There are only a few roles in the show so it gives the actors a chance to shine.

I haven’t auditioned for any film recently. However, I attended the Phoenix Film Festival the weekend before last. I tweeted photos of myself with the camera-head mascot and on their red carpet. I met a film producer who thought I was a pretty cool, smart person. His cousin used to be one of the producers of Good Morning America and he has a nephew who made a documentary about his dad and Johnny Cash. I saw two amazing films: The Story of Luke and The Retrieval. The Story of Luke is a non-pitying, un-patronizing view of a young man with autism trying to gain his independence. The lead actor is so gorgeous and funny. The Retrieval is a harrowing view of a shameful part of American history. The story is about a young black man who is forced to be a bounty hunter during the Civil War. It was heartbreaking and so incredibly well-done. The director is Chris Eska. Everyone kept asking me if I was in one of the films. I really hope I will be one day.

Easter Parade

Hi all,

I hope you had a nice Easter. I went to Easter Vigil mass, which lasted three hours because they baptized and confirmed an insane amount of people. I felt really holy afterwards. I went to Easter brunch at the St. Francis restaurant and had chile pork verde.

Season general auditions for Phoenix Theatre are coming up April 12-15 and I already have my appointment. I have been practicing as much as I can with the student teaching. I hope to meet with my acting coach soon to make sure my materials are perfect.

The Phoenix film festival is this weekend and I have a flex pass, which lets you see four films of your choice. There is an industry mixer tomorrow night and I am going with the business cards. It begins at 5pm and goes until 1am. All the events are at the Harkins 101 theatres in Scottsdale.

I also need to get back to looking into funding for my little film. So there’s work to be done and scripts to write and auditions to procure.