New year, new Palm Tree

Hi everyone! I hope you had a Merry Holiday Season and I wish you a Happy New Year. The pandemic is still going on and we now are supposed to be wearing N95s. I think that’s kind of funny as my family is in medicine and now we have to wear medical-grade masks. Anyhow, back to the regular grind of finding a theatrical agent and manager, plus prepping for all those Equity theatre self-tapes, my next episode of My Dark Path, writing that fourth episode of La Famille, and seeking a literary manager. And of course there is my contact list of colleagues and my campaign to meet my leading man (the husband search). I have so much anxiety about this year because I have a very big birthday that used to mean one is definitely over the hill. I haven’t seen the hill yet, though.

Well, my episode of My Dark Path is premiering in February for Valentine’s Day, but this is not your regular romantic story. It has death in fire, major disasters, women driven by irrational passion, and a samurai police state. Check out the podcast on Audible and at the site at And on the subject of links, here is the link to The 9 Kind Of Girls You Meet On Hinge, the short I was in this summer: I’m the Stand-Up Comic. It was a quick shoot and there were lots of snacks on-set. Yes, my favorite part of filming is craft services.


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