Now with more Sag-Eligibility

Hi everyone,

Did I ever take forever to get back to posting. Look back at my resumes, now look back at me, then back to my resumes. I did a thing or two and a miracle occurred! Your favorite quirky blonde is now SAG-eligible and getting an Equity card. How did that second thing occur? Actors Equity now has an Open Access program that opens up membership to anyone who has EMC points, has worked under an Equity contract, or who has been paid to act at a professional theatre. That production of Guys and Dolls from 2014 was my way in and the production I had documentation for. It can’t hurt that Don Bluth’s name was in the title of the theatre. I still can’t believe I worked with the man himself. So if you fit the criteria, you can now apply for membership. And that SAG-eligibility is from a New Media project some friends of mine put together and it’s a comedy short fit for Anna. You’re going to love it. Details to come.

I’m part of a short film group now but I’ve been so busy with my day job and theatre self-tapes, etc that I can’t be as involved as I’d like to be. Also, I got my first paid writing gig for a podcast. I’m almost done with the episode and I aim to get draft one done within the next few days. And, did you know you can get a free 20-minute phone call with a creative executive at Script Pipeline? Go to I talked with the executive about literary representation and she told me to lead with my comedy shorts and loves what I’ve done to set up La Famille the series for the production campaign. Episode 4 is sadly still not written.

Off to bed now!


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