Marching On

Hi everyone,

It’s officially my birth month and it’s still quarantine! I have not been able to get that vaccine yet, but I was tested twice to be an extra on a SAG set last week for a new TV series. (I have two vouchers and you need three to be SAG-eligible.) I officially don’t have the virus due to wearing a mask and face-shield everywhere and tapping into my natural personal bubble to stay away from people.

In audition news, I started my new year with some awesome commercial auditions and one of the session directors is a friend of mine! I have also been sending out those theatre self-tape auditions and completed my second e-mail marketing campaign to Equity theatres across the country. And you can do it too! I get all my theatre audition info from Broadway World (BWW) online and I have set up e-mail alerts for new auditions as they come up. And get the EMC theatre list, which is updated periodically, from the Actors Equity website and look on those theatre sites for emails for the artistic director (sometimes casting dept. depending on the theatre size) and use the same strategy you would for a casting director email. Oh, and don’t go crazy. Curate your list for theatres you’ve auditioned for, are near you, or with whom you really want to work. Do not make a target list larger than 80 or 100. (It’s easier than you think to pull that off.) And reach out every four months. Remember it’s still the pandemic so theatres are having to adapt or may not be sure what their plans will be.

Also, I did my theatrical agent/manager campaign for round two. Many agencies and management companies don’t have openings right now due to less work because of (you guessed it!) the pandemic. Production is still clearly happening, but not at the level it was before. The point in such strategy on my part is for them to get to know me, so the next time I submit, I have a better chance of a meeting or at least a response. Remember when you do any of this e-mail or other marketing, you must have a compelling message and always be professional, never negative, and NEVER act desperate because you will scare the life out of them. You will get many “no’s” in the industry and not everyone will respond, but that is normal. Do not take this personally.

And now back to work and watching screeners for the Film Independent Spirit Awards.


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