Daily Grind

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting for a bit.  I can’t get internet access on my computer so I’m in an internet cafe.  I’ll have to post off my IPhone otherwise.  It can be done.

I just moved to a studio apartment near McArthur Park.  It’s not the best neighborhood but I love having my own space.  It’s been crazy.  I didn’t even get a call back for Cinderella, but I guess it’s ok because it was in Thousand Oaks.  (Nearly an hour outside LA.)  I wrote a script for the Two Step-Two Hand Short Film Contest for the Dances with Films Festival.  It was called Pick Me! and it didn’t get picked.  It was about two actresses waiting for an audition.  I think I’ll ask my film maker buddy about filming it anyway.   I might as well.

I won a free post card package from DC Design 8.  Doreen, the owner, came to the Actors Network as a guest.  She’s a working actress as well as graphic designer.  I look forward to getting some postcards so I do some real submissions.  As it turns out, I was sending out a black and white headshot when I shouldn’t have.  They only use color headshots now, and fortunately I have one.   So I have ordered some prints of that one.

I ran into an LA hazard yesterday as my car was towed for being in a no parking at certain hours spot.  So I had to get my car back and pay quite the fee plus an additional parking ticket.  I got some work from my temp agencies but not a great amount.  So there goes a large chunk of money.

So I hope to get something great soon.  Talk to you later.

Home on the Range

Hi all,

I haven’t posted for a bit. Oops. Well anyway I’ve going on auditions and even submitting for major projects, though I don’t know how well that’s going to work as I’m not a major celebrity. So yeah, I auditioned for Carousel and didn’t even get a call back. No, they gave me a consolation prize of two free tickets to the show. I don’t want to see a show that I got rejected from. I auditioned to be a parade performer at Disney and I got cut in the first round. The casting guy said they were looking for specific things. Of course he didn’t say what. At least I didn’t choke when doing the combination. So I didn’t go out for Mamma Mia since I’m not a rock singer. I did of course audition for Royal Caribbean, and like all the other cruise lines you have to be an R&B, Rock, Motown belter person. Yeah not me. I’m a legit soprano, which means I don’t belt or do pop music well. So that didn’t work out.

I went to the Equity call last weekend for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival up in Thousand Oaks, which is really far from LA. I got seen and they even asked me to sing. The director thought I was the cutest thing ever. But I haven’t heard anything so I guess I didn’t get that one. I’m going to try to get seen at the Equity generals at Center Theatre Group this Monday if I’m not otherwise occupied. And I’ll be auditioning the weekend after this for Cinderella, starring Sally Struthers! That would be awesome to be part of.

I audited an actors’ singing class taught by Aiden Park. He is very nice and gives excellent feedback. When I get more money, I very much want to sign up for the class. It’s $120 per month at the Neon Venus Art Theatre in Hollywood.

I signed up for the Actors Network and hope to use their amazing resources the best I can. I simply have to have a proper acting career. And I did an honest to goodness drop off at Sony Pictures Studios. I wasn’t allowed to go to the casting director’s office, but they let me drop off my headshot and resume in the mailroom. I was overjoyed to at least walk a few steps onto the lot. I hope to get in the door next time.

I’ve been finding out about castings for film and TV on Alex’s Info and submitting to at least four per week. And I’ve been submitting on Actors Access but I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I went to the launch of Somebody’s Basement sponsored by Hollywood Happy Hour. I got to meet some neat people, but once again it was too loud in the room to hear anyone. Somebody’s Basement is a site dedicated to actor-produced work. I’d love to submit a video some day soon, at least to have some demo reel footage as mine didn’t work out.

And I’m very preoccupied with finding housing and finding a day job. I’m going for another temp agency. What do you think I should do? Does anyone know of proper work, not a work-from-home business scheme, an actual job? And I so wanted to talk about landing an acting gig.