Daily Grind

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting for a bit.  I can’t get internet access on my computer so I’m in an internet cafe.  I’ll have to post off my IPhone otherwise.  It can be done.

I just moved to a studio apartment near McArthur Park.  It’s not the best neighborhood but I love having my own space.  It’s been crazy.  I didn’t even get a call back for Cinderella, but I guess it’s ok because it was in Thousand Oaks.  (Nearly an hour outside LA.)  I wrote a script for the Two Step-Two Hand Short Film Contest for the Dances with Films Festival.  It was called Pick Me! and it didn’t get picked.  It was about two actresses waiting for an audition.  I think I’ll ask my film maker buddy about filming it anyway.   I might as well.

I won a free post card package from DC Design 8.  Doreen, the owner, came to the Actors Network as a guest.  She’s a working actress as well as graphic designer.  I look forward to getting some postcards so I do some real submissions.  As it turns out, I was sending out a black and white headshot when I shouldn’t have.  They only use color headshots now, and fortunately I have one.   So I have ordered some prints of that one.

I ran into an LA hazard yesterday as my car was towed for being in a no parking at certain hours spot.  So I had to get my car back and pay quite the fee plus an additional parking ticket.  I got some work from my temp agencies but not a great amount.  So there goes a large chunk of money.

So I hope to get something great soon.  Talk to you later.


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