The Surreal Life

Hi all,

I’ve taken a while to post again.  I was very busy packing.  I don’t know what to think yet about having to leave LA but it makes me mad.  I feel like I did something really wrong.  I don’t know.  At Mom and Dad’s condo I have a washer/dryer, full cable, internet, and no cockroaches!

The EPA audition for Reprise went alright.  They were held not too far from where my apartment was.  I got in before lunch which is good for the non-union.  It must be me but I always feel like I maybe shouldn’t be there and I’m someone they have to go out of their way to accomodate.  The monitors always apologize in some way.  I really wish I could gotten an Equity card by virtue of my drama school program but I couldn’t because there is no agreement between British and American Equity.  I think that’s ridiculous.  Anyhow, I did pretty well but I wish I had been amazing.

Well, I have a Twitter contact for the Phoenix area so I’ll have to get on Twitter.  Doesn’t anyone use phone numbers anymore?  I have a lot to work on like finding the professional theatres here and of course film/TV and commercials.  I’m simply confused.

I haven’t heard from PCPA yet but I know that they are still auditioning so I hope to hear something good soon.

Off to work.

Keeping the Faith

Hi all,

I had intended to have more posts for October but oh well.  So yes, that interview didn’t work out.  I have no idea why they called me in anyway if they wanted someone with retail experience.  I don’t.  I am going to Arizona as planned.  I feel so bad to have to go but I will get back here!  What do you guys think about me putting together a Pay Pal account to raise funds for myself?  I was thinking of raising money for a production company on KickStarter for the sake of an actual production company.

I went to an Industry Guest session at the Actors Network with Allen Hooper, who is with Jeff Greenberg Casting.  They cast Modern Family, which has won Emmy’s for its writing if you didn’t know.  He’s also an actor and a really neat guy.  Allen explained a bit about the Casting Director side of things such as electronic submissions and the process of auditioning actors for TV series.  It was really interesting knowing the percentages of direct offers and represented and unrepresented talent that get called in and get the job.  Their office, by the way, accepts all manner of submissions whether they be electronic or by mail.  That’s good to know.  And also I found out for certain that people who have demo reels with their on-line submission profile are put above those who don’t regardless of when they submitted.  I don’t have a demo reel yet but I’m working on it.

I will be auditioning at the EPA for Reprise Theatre’s productions of Gigi and Kiss Me, Kate next week.  Those shows are in February and April (or May, I can’t remember).  Jason Alexander is the Artistic Director (yes, George Costanza from Seinfeld).  I would love to get into either one of those shows because they pay well and it would give me Equity points.

Callbacks for PCPA are in February so I hope I get one.  I sent the Casting Director, Eric Stein, a postcard to remember me by.  Many people highly advocate follow-ups, so that’s what I do.

I have to focus on packing now.