The Surreal Life

Hi all,

I’ve taken a while to post again.  I was very busy packing.  I don’t know what to think yet about having to leave LA but it makes me mad.  I feel like I did something really wrong.  I don’t know.  At Mom and Dad’s condo I have a washer/dryer, full cable, internet, and no cockroaches!

The EPA audition for Reprise went alright.  They were held not too far from where my apartment was.  I got in before lunch which is good for the non-union.  It must be me but I always feel like I maybe shouldn’t be there and I’m someone they have to go out of their way to accomodate.  The monitors always apologize in some way.  I really wish I could gotten an Equity card by virtue of my drama school program but I couldn’t because there is no agreement between British and American Equity.  I think that’s ridiculous.  Anyhow, I did pretty well but I wish I had been amazing.

Well, I have a Twitter contact for the Phoenix area so I’ll have to get on Twitter.  Doesn’t anyone use phone numbers anymore?  I have a lot to work on like finding the professional theatres here and of course film/TV and commercials.  I’m simply confused.

I haven’t heard from PCPA yet but I know that they are still auditioning so I hope to hear something good soon.

Off to work.


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