Now with more Sag-Eligibility

Hi everyone, Did I ever take forever to get back to posting. Look back at my resumes, now look back at me, then back to my resumes. I did a thing or two and a miracle occurred! Your favorite quirky blonde is now SAG-eligible and getting an Equity card. How did that second thing occur? […]

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Zip On Your Alligator Skin

Hi all, Happy Mother’s Day!¬† I made sure to call my Mom today because I love her so much.¬† We’ve really become friends as well as mother and daughter. Today’s blog title comes from one of the panels that I attended at the Film in California Conference two weekends ago.¬† The event was held at […]

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Springing Into Action

Hi all, It’s been two months since the last post and I’ve been so busy!¬† I will be casting the other roles before beginning the crowdfunding campaign and contacting investors.¬† I’m a Filmmaker Pro Member of Film Independent, which you can also be for $250 per year. On that note: the site for Film Independent […]

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Off Pitch

Hi all, I’m still here.¬† Happy almost Halloween!¬† It’s my brother’s favorite holiday and his birthday is on Tuesday so everyone wish David a Happy Birthday!¬† In other news, I am blogging from a new Apple computer as the video card in the other one decided to die and after some drama getting the Genius […]

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On Stand By

Hi all, I have my LA apartment.¬† It’s smaller than my former living room, but it has an accent wall, a granite counter top, gated access, my own parking space, and no cockroaches.¬† At first, I was so upset about uprooting my life and coming back to the place that broke my bank account and […]

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Boxing Day

Hi all, It’s been two months since my last blog post.¬† I just didn’t get back to the blog.¬† Tomorrow I drive off to LA! (or today according to the blog calendar). ¬† I have some potential places that I will be looking at and I hope I get one of the good ones.¬† You […]

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Monsoon Season

Hi all, Looks like I missed a post for July.¬† Two weeks ago, my friend, Luca Patruno, and I made our film short, Climbing Stairs.¬† He organized about everything and even bought lunch.¬† I had the pleasure of working with Brian Osback as DP and Robert Price as the Head of Sound.¬† I was so […]

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All Together Now

Hi all, Yesterday was my birthday and my grandpa’s too. Guys and Dolls officially opened last week and we’ve had a full house each night. As always, I worked during the day in a classroom and rehearsed and performed at night all last week. Now not only am I a Hot Box Girl, I get […]

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