On Stand By

Hi all,

I have my LA apartment.  It’s smaller than my former living room, but it has an accent wall, a granite counter top, gated access, my own parking space, and no cockroaches.  At first, I was so upset about uprooting my life and coming back to the place that broke my bank account and broke my heart.  But I now have security that I didn’t have before.  I am taking an acting class and have begun to go on some theatre auditions, many of which are EPA calls and one for a concert reading of a musical at Rubicon Theatre (that’s in Ventura).  I received an audition invite off of Actors Access to audition for a video game prototype.  I sent that VO self-tape as soon as possible.  I did, of course, rehearse the script beforehand and do my scene study.

Right now, I am taking the commercial improv class with veteran casting director, Jeff Hardwick.  You might remember him from casting Untold Stories of the ER.  I’m having a great time in class and we do specific improv games to help us when we audition for commercials, as many commercials require improv.  We also get to look at commercial copy and learn what to do in group auditions.  Almost everyone in the class has an agent.

I did submit to many different agents, however, it was a targeted list and not a blanket one.  I heard back from one agency inviting me to come to an open call for clients, so I will definitely be there.  I basically submitted to agents that allow direct submissions.  There are some agencies that are excellent that had no information about submissions, to which I sent one-sheets.  Only one was refused.  There are two top agencies, that I did not previously know about, that have a specific disclaimer banning any and all unsolicited submissions and materials.  I looked into managers, but the only few I knew about require significant credits.  I wonder what manager takes on someone developmental like me.

The dates for the pilot are not set yet, so I am trying my best to keep my schedule open for them.  I’ll provide more information and updates about what I have been up to.  You will see that Go-Girls funding campaign sometime soon.  I know it’s taking some time to get going.


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