Hi everyone, I just spent half my November in Arizona with my parents and I got a bit behind. I finished my follow-ups with the theatrical agents and managers on my list and I received some responses. I received at least 4 or 5 responses from managers that said they don’t have room on the […]

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New Agent!

Hi everyone, As you’ve seen, I now have a new commercial agent, Robertson/Taylor Agency. They were one of my top ten commercial agents to be signed with and now I am. I also got a theatrical agent meeting but we had different career philosophies, so I decided not to sign with them. You can’t let […]

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There Will Be Changes

Hi everyone, How are you holding up? I really can’t wait for this pandemic to end. I’ve done some more self-tapes and I’m getting the hang of things. I’ve been using my computer to tape myself and then tidying it up in iMovie. And my tripod are the plastic storage tubs that double as shelves […]

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Make Friends With Your 5AM

Hi all, I plan to do more than one post this month, and I have a few weeks to do it!  I’m back into substitute teaching, but Christmas break started this week, so I’m free to do actor business and visit home.  (I have to get up at 5am each day I get an assignment, […]

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California Dreaming

Hi all, Here’s what I’ve been doing.  I was cast in a paying industrial PSA about three weekends ago during my five-week temp assignment.  I saw the posting on the Actors’ Network Facebook page and I sent in my headshot and was cast.  I was really glad about that.  I hope to be able to […]

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On Stand By

Hi all, I have my LA apartment.  It’s smaller than my former living room, but it has an accent wall, a granite counter top, gated access, my own parking space, and no cockroaches.  At first, I was so upset about uprooting my life and coming back to the place that broke my bank account and […]

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Blonde Ambition

Hi all, Yes, the blog is still going. I have some really great news: I have a new agent! I signed with Arizona Model and Actor Management, about which I had heard really good things. They are a smaller agency, which allows them to focus better on getting their talent work. Gail McCauley is the […]

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Woman On A Mission

Hi all, I really took my time getting back to the blog. My day job will be starting again soon and I will be enacting different money-earning plans. Ladies and gentlemen: here begins the countdown to the Anna LA take-over round two. My Facebook pal, Holly Dell, began a group for people wanting to re-locate […]

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Shine Time

Hi all, Phoenix Comiccon was awesome!  I had my mom and aunt make my costume and send it to me.  I was dressed up as Husk/Paige Guthrie from the X-Men series.  I had the privilege of being on a panel called “Anybody Can Be a Superhero.”  They filmed the panel, which I thought was great, […]

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Sunshine Day

Hi all, The days keep skipping along and now I am officially signed with Dani’s Agency.  They have digital profiles for all their clients, including one on NowCasting, so check me out on the site and there as well.  I have an official demo reel now on the site too.  I also had the opportunity […]

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