Sunshine Day

Hi all,

The days keep skipping along and now I am officially signed with Dani’s Agency.  They have digital profiles for all their clients, including one on NowCasting, so check me out on the site and there as well.  I have an official demo reel now on the site too.  I also had the opportunity at my digital session to audition for something big but I can’t mention what because I found out recently that producers of big things like TV series, commercials and movies don’t want anyone spilling any details at all about their productions before they premiere.  So you’ll have to find out when the big things I might be cast in air or premiere.  I hope to get lots of auditions and bookings and actually not have to utilize the teacher certificate.

Last week I was cast as a stand-in for someone else in a documentary based upon an audition I did for another project the director did.  I love when that happens as it hasn’t happened before with a professional and paying film.  I was only available for an hour and 45 minutes so they deftly squeezed my part in.  I just might be able to leave the amateur world behind as I really don’t belong there.

I’m off to have fun with my Mom so I’ll see you later.  Maybe not see, as this is a web blog, but you get the point.


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