Leap Year

Hi all,

I’m squeezing another blog post in before March begins.  March 10 is my birthday and it’s also my grandpa’s birthday.  My parents and grandpa are coming down for a week for my birthday.  My grandma died two weeks ago and I just feel awful without her.  She was the best grandma ever.  I couldn’t attend the funeral because of my nutty schedule so I sent my Mom a paragraph to put in the eulogy.  I’m beginning this post on a personal note, but I couldn’t help it.

I had a great time onset for the short film now called “College Network.”  I’m not sure when it will be posted, but you’re sure to love it.  In other news, I will now officially have a new agency.  I am signing with Dani’s Agency, a real SAG-franchised and highly respected company.  I am certain that this partnership will work well.  So there will be no more giving out my personal contact info online or via e-mail for auditions.  I have also sworn off the community theatre and student films for the most part.  I refuse to be considered or treated as an amateur ever again.  I wonder how many years I must go on until the industry at large considers me a professional contender.  I watched the Oscars and I was thinking about how cool it would be to actually be there.  I wonder what I would wear.  With my luck, I’d probably lose a sequin, rip a seam, or have my dinner land on my $10,000 couture dress.  I don’t even know if you can dry clean those.  A sobering reminder is that almost everyone there is in the 1% of SAG members and millionaires.  I have weird luck so I just might end up part of the club.  Why not?

I continue with the certification for my jobby job and a passing score on a math test stands between me and admission to the formal part of the program.  Acting is hard enough without this problem coming up.  I have to get a tutor and do more on-line tutorials.


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