Feel the Love

Hi all,

It’s been an eventful week.  I got cast in the Network parody last week and we film this Saturday.  I play one of the professors who join in the battle cry of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  The setting will be Mesa Community College; it’s a bit of a drive but I’m happy to be in another movie.  I will receive a check for $50.  That fits my criteria of being paid.  However, I hope to book jobs with a lot more money than that.  The production company, the Grandview Group, is awesomely professional and organized.  Sydney Donaldson is the director.  She loved my audition, which consisted of a cold reading and two improv scenarios.

I just met with a prospective new agent and it’s looks promising.  This agency actually books jobs, is SAG-franchised, and really is one of the best-trusted agencies in Arizona.  It turns out Deborah Maddox Agency mostly exists to sell a product that is not the client.  That is why I never heard anything.  If you don’t book jobs, you’re not getting a commission.  This agency has demo reels and digital photos for their clients for a one-time flat rate and often books jobs off the site.  I also get to take the contract home and look it over and take my time to decide if I want to sign with the agency.  You’ll know my answer soon.

I audition for a production called Sakura No Ne this, which is co-production with the Japanese Friendship Garden.  It should be great and they pay $1500 for rehearsals and performances.  The production utilizes a number of Japanese folktales.  I love anime and Japanese culture so I would really enjoy being part of the show.  Funnily, I recently checked out a book about the history of samurai from the library and it was very enlightening.  Yes, that is a random tangent.

In other news not really related to acting, I finished my class observation and began the tutoring portion of my teacher certification program in Dramatic Arts Teaching.

I’m way too busy.


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