Blonde Ambition

Hi all,

Yes, the blog is still going. I have some really great news: I have a new agent! I signed with Arizona Model and Actor Management, about which I had heard really good things. They are a smaller agency, which allows them to focus better on getting their talent work. Gail McCauley is the president of the company. I was so happy about being with a new agency that I had a celebratory chili dog.

I also had a really cool audition this week for a company that does virtual training videos for military and law enforcement. I don’t believe I can give all the details but I can tell you that I was auditioning for a crazy woman and I had to pretend to be shot in the head and stomach. That was actually fun and I am glad that I was physically able to do it. I also have an upcoming interview for a position interviewing young writers. Today I auditioned for the Dickens Carolers, a company that provides singing quartets for the holiday season. I really love to sing and I think being one of their singers would be so much fun.

Additionally, I have a fan page on Facebook. The link is Most of my actor friends have one and my trial manager highly recommended I have one as well. My manager is Darren Staten of The Talent Consultant. I have really appreciated his advice and guidance. He has provided me with specific check-lists to get my career on the right path.

I’ll be getting new headshots when money permits. Sabotencon is next weekend, so I have to save what little money I have. I happily await more good luck.


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