Shine Time

Hi all,

Phoenix Comiccon was awesome!  I had my mom and aunt make my costume and send it to me.  I was dressed up as Husk/Paige Guthrie from the X-Men series.  I had the privilege of being on a panel called “Anybody Can Be a Superhero.”  They filmed the panel, which I thought was great, and I had such a good time.  I didn’t think I’d ever get a change to be part of the panel talking to a crowd at a convention.  You probably wonder what that has to do with acting.  Well, I thought it might be good practice for press conferences in the event I become famous.  There were some major actors in attendance for the panels and special presentations.  And then I got to attend a dance party as one of the VIPs and us Avengers did the timewarp.  So it was an awesomely fun weekend.  I’m so sad when the Comiccon is over.

Last week I watched The Road Back Home on the local NBC channel and it was cool seeing myself on the small screen.  Of course, the subject matter is much more important than my little part in the documentary.  I have two more theatre auditions scheduled for next week and the week after that.  I haven’t heard from the other theatres I auditioned for and I hope I will hear this year because I put a great deal of effort into those auditions.  I see all those people in movies and on Broadway and it looks so easy for them to have made it there.

I’m glad I have an agent and I’m looking forward to lots of auditions and bookings.  I have heard there are two feature films coming to Arizona.  The tax incentive bill didn’t make it through, but we’re not giving up.  Funnily enough, a gentleman offered to have me be part of a “collaborative partnership” with regards to producing a print and hosting video for a cookbook.  He wanted me to be in the print ad and the hosting video and be a producing partner.  He later said he would give me $25 for the print and video.  It was a strange request and I can’t take any risks being a producer on some project I have no clue about.  The amount of money he said he’d give me is far too low for the booking.  I told him no to the partnership and to contact my agent if he wanted me in his video and print ad.  He wasn’t happy about that and said he’d go with his other contacts.  I didn’t know wanting to do business properly and having an agent could actually deter anyone.  That’s crazy because having an agent is good and doing proper business along the lines of industry standards is what you’re supposed to do.

I submitted Pick Me! to the Telluride Film Festival and I hope they choose it.  My friend, Ryan Pierson, said that he thought it packed a lot of good stuff into 3 minutes.  I’ve been meaning to make another film, but I want to make sure to get a film budget going this time.  I’ve thought about making a web series, but I wonder about doing that as everyone seems to be making one these days.  I really want to go the more old-fashioned route and pull an Edward Burns.  That means making a feature film starring me.  Well, any ideas?  Does anyone need an adorable blonde for their project?  Anyone being a professional director looking to make a SAG-AFTRA feature who will Taft-Hartley.  I have standards.

P.S. My demo reel is now on YouTube so please watch.


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