Never A Dull Moment

Hi all,

I meant to have more than two posts for May.  I have been getting a lot of sub teaching work and starting my certification program.  I was beginning to be afraid that my acting career was going to be supplanted.  But no way!  I auditioned for the Phoenix Theatre and the Southwest Shakespeare Company the weekend before last and they both went great.  I got to perform both monologues for the Southwest Shakespeare Company, one of which is from the oft non-produced play Life Is A Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca.  The monologue I performed from that play is from a much longer speech by Rosaura, the leading lady, who is entreating the dethroned Prince Segismund to join her in the fight for his crown and her tarnished honor.  The artistic staff of the Phoenix Theatre really liked my audition.  I am very glad that I got an audition coach.  I was feeling hopeless and that I was losing my skills until she reminded me that I’m actually highly capable.  I meet with her today to go over material for my audition for the Arizona Theatre Company.  I don’t have any other auditions scheduled after that.   I found out that the auditions for this other paying company were back in March.  They didn’t list them on the site that most everyone lists auditions on for the local area.  I didn’t know they were one of the theatres that doesn’t list auditions there.  This company does the New York actor importation scheme, which I find completely inexcusable and unfair to the local talent.  They don’t even do Equity productions so I don’t know why they do that.

I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of the documentary, “The Road Back Home,” which is about the experiences of the homeless in the Phoenix area, this past Thursday.  I was a stand-in for one of the people they interviewed.  It was so cool seeing myself onscreen again.  The previous title I wrote was “A Rough Road Home.”  The documentary will air on Thursday, May 31 at 7:00pm on channel 12 in the Phoenix area.  That’s the NBC channel here.

I will go home for a month in July so my focus will have to be on my major screenplay as it’s been demanding to be finished.  If any little movies or industrials come up between then and now, I’m there.

Now the exciting part: Phoenix Comic Con is coming this Thursday and I will be strongly involved since I am a member of the Arizona Avengers.  I have a new costume, which is Husk from the X-Men.  I had my mom and aunt make the costume and my mom mailed it to me.  I’ll be part of a costuming panel, a dance to benefit children’s literacy, a cosplay fashion show, and shifts at the booth.  Members of the group constructed impressive back drops.  Please come if you can.  William Shatner will be there.

The Arizona Avengers also were invited to attend most of the premieres of the Avengers movie in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.  I attended one of the early premieres and we had a picture taken with the General Manager of Acura.  Little girls wanted their picture with me even though they didn’t know who I was supposed to be.  I was wearing my Belladonna costume.


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