May Day!

Hi all,

I’ve officially gotten myself an acting coach, just like all the celebrities.  I wanted to have my skills be awesome for the upcoming season auditions of the Equity theatres.  I have the auditions for Phoenix Theatre and Southwest Shakespeare Company this next weekend.  I’m doing the coaching through Megaw Actors Studio, which used to be in LA as the Megaw Theatre back in the 70’s and 80’s.  So I’m drilling the material.  I got a migraine yesterday so I wasn’t at my best today and had to call in sick to work.  Well, I’m just a substitute teacher and there’s lots of flexibility with that so a sick day is no big deal.  Acting, on the other hand, has no room for sick days.

Pick Me! has officially been submitted to the Hollyshorts Festival in LA.  I am considering submitting it to a guy looking for short films for his online TV channels but I’m not sure I should do that yet as I don’t want anything jeopardizing my little film’s eligibility for festivals.  I think I’ll make another film soon, but this time with a budget and some Taft-Hartleying.  The guy I had talked to about being in his SAG shorts never got back to me.  A friend of mine is putting together a film festival in Santa Monica and I hope all goes well.  He’s also on the board to choose the films from the contest to be shown at Phoenix Comic Con.  As a member of the Arizona Avengers, I will there all four days as will William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, and other icons of the sci-fi, anime, comic, and horror genres.  I have volunteered to be part of a panel discussion about super-hero costuming.  The Arizona Avengers has also been engaged to attend the premieres for the Avengers film this week in costume.

I attended the Rebel meet-up two weeks ago and I met a man currently making a SAG film.  I told him about The Go-Girls and he asked to see a copy of the script so I sent it to him.  I’m also considering writing a script for the IP screenwriting contest.  I think I might write a short for that.

I have more classes for my certification program that I need to finish before I go home this summer for a month.  But, boy, is that not relevant for the blog.


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