The Determinator

Hi all,

I have had two auditions in the past two weeks: one for a small but mighty theatre company, and the other for Actors Theatre of Phoenix.  They both went very well.  However, I got an immediate no for the small theatre company, but I made a great impression.  I know that that is all an acting person has control over, and basically it’s our job.  I don’t have any other auditions set up at this point as I will be gone for a month and a week.

I am following more people on Twitter and some successful industry people are now following me.  I connected with a SAG actor from the area who is now living in New York.  He says that he would love to work with me and is actively looking for projects.  I posted my reel on the Indie Film Meetup message list and it inspired other people to list their demos.  I now have the video posted on YouTube so please check it out and contact me if you want me to be in your project.  My demo reel is also posted on the demo page of this blog.

I participated in a live call through Dallas Travers.  She has a new program called Stay Sane + On Your Game about how to help actors overcome their own personal barriers.  During the call she talked about how you can determine your fate through your expectations, consistent action, and acknowledging your successes.  Dallas will have a tele-seminar over the next few weeks which you can join at  It starts pretty soon and the cost is $197.  I would be a part of it but I don’t have that amount of money to spare.  So I’ll incorporate what I did learn from the call and her very helpful videos.  I want to overcome my personal barriers.

Speaking of determining your fate: I’m going to see the movie Brave today.  I have been so excited to see this film because it’s about girl power and the animation looks so awesome.

See you on the red carpet…


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