Not Again…

Hi all,

I’ve been on vacation with the family so I’ve been away from the blog page.  I wanted to talk about the horrible tragedy that happened this past Friday in Aurora, Colorado.  I can’t believe that something this awful has happened yet again.  I was in high school when the shootings at Columbine and Thurston High Schools happened and it really shocked me as I had never heard of this sort of thing happening  before.  Now, many of these incidents have happened and they don’t make any sense.  No one has the right to murder anyone, let alone people in a movie theatre.  Movies are meant to give people joy and give them a break from their hectic lives, and this young man chose to make the movie theatre a place of terror.  It appears to me that people aren’t safe anywhere.  I don’t know how these psychopaths are free to run rampant.  My love and prayers go out to the victims and their families.  No one should have to suffer an experience like this.

I don’t have much news on the acting front as of yet, but I did attend a screenwriting workshop.  It was really informative but a bit disconcerting with the reality check aspects.  I have yet to hear from the theatres I auditioned for.  This next term of the certification program is the last one before student teaching.  I will be glad to have it done so I can get back to acting.  I was also denied an audition by the Christmas caroling group I had the audition scheduled for last year that had to be canceled at the last minute.  They said it was a denial due to lack of experience.  I was really mad about that as they were willing to have me audition last year.  It’s too bad for them that I would have been an awesome addition to the roster.  But I can’t prove that on paper.  I swear the lack of experience thing is just another handy excuse industry people use to bar people who aren’t politically advantageous to them.  I might as well start my own caroling group.


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