Pennies from Heaven

Hi all,

How was your summer?  I had such a long vacation at home that it was hard to get back into the swing of things.  My agent says that things are picking up for them so I should have some auditions in the near future.  I auditioned for Into the Woods and I ran into a friend of mine.  We talked for a really long time about our favorite shows and those we badly want to be cast in.  I love Into the Woods and I’ve always wanted to be in it.  My parents saw the original run on Broadway with Bernadette Peters and I saw the taping on PBS.  My high school did a production but I did not get cast.  Actually, I didn’t have a prayer of being cast in anything in high school as there was a group of people who got cast in everything that I was never going to break into.  I had the same luck with college department productions but at least I got three callbacks.  Most of  the productions had smoking in them anyway, which is funny considering the new agey health vibe in California.

I didn’t actively pursue my acting career until I graduated from college.  I started with auditioning for anything and everything.  I did several community theatre productions in venues ranging from an old movie theatre to a church coffee house.  I was once an extra in a fantasy short in the middle of an Oregon state park in November.  We were paid in sandwiches.  Our costumes were robes over our jeans and sweaters, and sneakers.  We peeked out from behind the trees and my only close-up was cut.  All that time I was auditioning for MFA programs and I didn’t get into one until Drama Studio London came along.  I flew to New York to audition in a former student’s apartment and received an acceptance letter three weeks later.  I had gotten three years of rejection letters and seeing people my age already in Broadway productions.  This lead to the idea after I graduated from the program to move to New York.  I’ve probably mentioned how well that went.  Back home it was and I was cast in Rejected No More, which was my first paid gig.  And I got that 7-month receptionist position, from which I saved as much as I could to live in LA.  That leads to where this blog started in November 2009.  I’m just mentioning the history of the acting journey, not bringing a conclusion to the blog.  I’ve only just begun and there will always be a blog, unless the world’s power goes out for good like on the new NBC show, Revolution.

There hasn’t been anything too exciting at the moment, though I am certainly always working on project development and the scripts that just won’t finish.  How about some pennies from heaven?


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