What’s My Motivation?

Hi all,

I have heard industry people say that they absolutely hate hearing actors ask what their motivation is.  Saying this proves that you’re lazy and unimaginative, but I thought it was funny for a blog post title.  I’m trying to find the constant motivation despite being constantly tired and busy with unrelated stuff.  Some of it is just plain silly.

In the career news section, I didn’t get into Into the Woods but my friend did, so I’ll be in the cheering section.  I am auditioning for A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theatre in two weeks, so I hope to get into that.  I connected with a screenwriter on Stage 32 about making a SAG short to Taft-Hartley myself.  He has a potential director and we’ve talked a bit about funding, so we’ve got to find a way to fund the film so that everyone gets paid and so that the film will have top-notch quality.

I found out about an actress/acting business guru named Emily Grace through the Savvy Actor board on LinkedIn. She has a program called Stand Out from the Crowd that has already filled up for attendance. I can’t afford the program, but it looks very good. You can get some good free advice, however, by checking out her free videos and blog at http://www.emilygrace.tv. I think combining this advice with Dallas Travers’ advice is a good idea. Emily discovered that media coverage through on-line journals and other media is greatly helpful for getting yourself known and out there. It sounds like a great idea to me and one I hadn’t thought was possible. I did meet a reporter for the Examiner last year at Filmstock and he gave me his card, so I will be calling him.  I’m not sure what my pitch is going to be.

All this and I’m trying to solve my state of life-long singleness.  I even joined a dating site.

One last note: tomorrow is September 11 and it’s a Tuesday, just like that day all those years ago.  All my love to those still in pain from that awful day.



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