One Night Only

Hi all,

I auditioned for a voice-over project for a care center last week and this week at last auditioned for the Hale Center production of a Christmas Carol. I haven’t heard anything yet so I’ll keep you posted. I also don’t have any further news yet about the SAG short. I’ve been thinking about funding possibilities, but I don’t exactly know which one to go with. I plan to touch bases with my colleague sometime soon about production details.

Here’s the big news: I am going to LA this next weekend for a class reunion. But I have an ulterior motive. The time was long overdue that I went back to visit the Big Palm, and I just might audition for one of those Equity Principal calls provided there’s one going on. I will also be attending a comedy night event. I have the business cards handy and I plan also to catch up with some friends of mine I haven’t seen since I left. So, if you’re an industry person in LA who has wanted to meet me, here’s your chance. If you are already my friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, Stage 32, or somewhere else, that is all the better.

It’s about time I had some huge success.


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