Make Friends With Your 5AM

Hi all,

I plan to do more than one post this month, and I have a few weeks to do it!  I’m back into substitute teaching, but Christmas break started this week, so I’m free to do actor business and visit home.  (I have to get up at 5am each day I get an assignment, hence the name of this blog post.)  When I get back from my vacation, I will have to once again learn to balance a day job and acting duties.  Fortunately, I am able to take a day when I need to for auditions and acting business.   I now have another producer signed on to make The Go-Girls happen and we need to get the funding plans in action, begin the casting process for the other roles, and finally organize and launch the crowdfunding campaign.  I can hardly keep straight all the things that I need to do.  And I now have a bunch of people that I have to keep in the loop.  I wasn’t sure if all the elements were going to come together for the film.  Maybe it will be an indie hit and I will become the toast of Hollywood, or at least it will open the door to lucrative Union opportunities and a competent agent.  I obtained an agent meeting but then the agent cancelled.

I had a general meeting with my Facebook friend, Billy DaMota, and it was so awesome!  I’m very glad to now have him as a mentor.  He pointed me in the right direction of how to pursue my career and to see industry people as colleagues.  It is actually alright to call casting director offices and agents to ask about meetings and submissions.  Even drop offs are fine in most cases.  You just need to be professional.  So, I will start the improved marketing campaign and make friends with the phone (which scares me) in the New Year.

I will still be going on EPAs and there is one tomorrow for the San Diego Old Globe theatre.  No news about the other theatres and Shakespeare Festivals yet.  I did receive a wonderful e-mail from one theatre I auditioned for in November saying that while they didn’t cast me, they still loved my enthusiasm and would keep my materials on record.  I sent them a Christmas card!

There is so much to do!


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