Monsoon Season

Hi all, Looks like I missed a post for July.  Two weeks ago, my friend, Luca Patruno, and I made our film short, Climbing Stairs.  He organized about everything and even bought lunch.  I had the pleasure of working with Brian Osback as DP and Robert Price as the Head of Sound.  I was so … More Monsoon Season

All Together Now

Hi all, Yesterday was my birthday and my grandpa’s too. Guys and Dolls officially opened last week and we’ve had a full house each night. As always, I worked during the day in a classroom and rehearsed and performed at night all last week. Now not only am I a Hot Box Girl, I get … More All Together Now

Razzle Dazzle

Hi all, Today’s blog title comes from the musical Chicago. In one of the many little quizzes they have on Facebook, I received the result that the Broadway musical I should star in is Chicago. I love Bob Fosse’s choreography. I have been cast in Guys and Dolls with Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. I … More Razzle Dazzle

A View to the Top

Hi all, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Now the season of shopping is upon us.  As a starving artist, my family and friends will mostly be getting Christmas cards.  I had a bit of breakthrough this past month. I was cast as a paid extra in a commercial for three days through my … More A View to the Top

Anna On-Set

Hi all, The heat is terrible here with 100+ degree temperatures that won’t stop until October. Of course, I’ve been auditioning for productions and at long last I was cast in the film, Anti produced by Flush Films. I filmed my scene yesterday. I played a crazy homeless woman bothering a rude businessman. They made … More Anna On-Set

Get In the Spirit

Hi all, Whoever put that inappropriate search on my blog, you should be ashamed of yourself. We don’t write things like that. My brother told me about a group that targets people in a sick contest to see how much taunting will make them commit suicide. The group is called anonymous and no one has … More Get In the Spirit